Hello WordPress!

So, this is my first ever blog! Not bad, not bad. I’m still figuring out the basics, hence why I started this so freeking early. It just took me about 20 times to work out how to get an image onto my page. Ha.

Before I start my main blogging I should probably give you all a heads up on what is actually going on…

♦ I have always said that I wanted to go working abroad as soon as I settled into university. Since I was about 15 my friends and I ordered a load of brochures for things like Camp America. So, yeah, I thought that was what I was going to do. It still looks ace, by the way. But I got settled into uni, and everything and decided that 2010 was probably a year to just concentrate on work, finding my feet around Preston and also get a bit of money for 2011.

♦ It was just by chance that I saw a friends Facebook status about Disney coming into uni to employ a load of people for work over the summer. So I got very excited about this, one because I absolutely love Florida and all it has to offer, and also because it would be a fantastic work experience. To begin the process you had to go to a lecture like presentation and sign up for a group interview that same afternoon. These were in a group of about 6/7, and lasted about 15 minutes. Yummy Jobs are the people who make these opportunities possible, so the interview was with a member of the company, someone who knows what the process is like.

♦After the first interview it like a waiting game. It took around a week for them to get back , and tell us if we were successful to advance to the next interview. I was one of the lucky ones. The second interview, again, started with a presentation, this time about living in Orlando. These ones were in two’s. And with someone from the Disney company itself. This one is quite scary as you have to fill out all of your forms, bring passports etc. And again after it it was a matter of waiting. I got very impatient. Which was no fun for me. Ha.

♦2 and a half weeks on I received an email from Yummy Jobs congratulating me on my success. I was so excited! (One of my friends didn’t make it onto the Florida programme, and I was so gutted for him. However, at the end of January he got an email from them with an offer to go to South Carolina to work instead. Just a heads up for all of you applying and are unsuccessfull. Don’t give up on hope.)

♦After the security checks, flight bookings and what not, it brings us to now. The Visa stage. What a ball ache that is. What with all the ringing about, emails and online applications. But that’s done and I am flying to London tomorrow morning to have my interview for my J-1 visa. Lets just hope I get it!

So I will leave it there for now. I’m sure I’ll be back tomorrow update everyone on what happens.
Thank you for reading!



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