Access Granted!

Well, today was the day that I flew down to the Capital, to have my visa interview. Yes. I flew. It’s so much better! Amazingly quick and probably about the same price as the train. And I got to ride the tube for cheaper with my railcard! Although, I was expecting Borat to fall through the cabin, chasing a chicken.
The interview? It went very well. In 5 days I will be in possession of a nice shiny piece of American goodness, stapled to my passport. Hell to the yeah! A huge step closer to my dream summer. But I must tell you, the waiting is horrible. I mean, at the embassy itself. You go in through the security checks and everything, take a number, then into the big, bank like room; wait about 10 minutes and your number is called. You immediately think “Woah! This is quick. What the hell was everyone jib jabbering on about?!”. Your documents and finger prints are taken and the ‘Not-so-American’ American document checker person (Haha) sticks your number on another form to fill out whilst you are waiting. This time its a killer. I waited like 2 hours to be called up again! I was expecting the worst and to miss my flight home at one point. But all was good. The Consular lady was nice (even though she wasn’t American) and she let me have my visa after a few questions. One other down side is the £14.50 you pay for your passport to find its way back home to you. Sigh. I’m sure it will be worth it.
So, I am now back home, looking for the best, and cheapest, insurance. I will let you all know what I find. Well, what my Mum finds. She’s very good at bargain hunting!
Oh, and also, I found a very interesting looking book…It’s called ‘Mousecatraz’, it’s all about the college programme. Journals from alumni etc. I’ve ordered it so I’ll give you all a review when I’m done.
That’s all for now I think. I’m off to chill. Watch a film I think!

Thanks for reading!



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