Sorry I haven’t posted anything for, like, 2 days or something? Not alot has happened regarding the WDWICP. I have been trying to find the best way of keeping my funds accessible and safe whilst over there, though. Just for the money I have saved, not my wages from in the US. You get a special Disney card for that, which will be quite exciting! But I had a few thoughts about this anyway:

1. Just cash.
This is handy and probably easiest way, however, it’s not very safe. For a start you don’t know who you’ll be living with…I’m not saying you’ll be living with a thief and I’m also certainly not calling anyone a thief. But you just don’t know at this point. Also, exchange rates for cash aren’t always the best. But if you are in the UK and are thinking of taking cash check out crown currency exchange, I’ve found that this company have the highest exchange rate, and they are very reliable. My Mum and Dad have used them before and delivery is normally very quick.

2. A Post Office card.

I got one of these last year when I went to the US. They are very good. It’s basicly a visa, except its a pre-loaded one. You can use ATM’s, pay for things on your card an withdraw money. The only problem is, you can only top up by phone, which will cost you an arm and a leg in the US. Also, the exchange rate is slightly better than if you were to get just cash.

3. US Bank Account.
I made a discussion about this on a Facebook group. One of the girls that replied said that it was probably only worth doing if you were to use it more than just the 3 months that you are enrolled in the programme. Also, it’s quite a lengthy  process with having to deal with your bank, find the best bank in the US and everything. I emailed Yummy Jobs too and they sent me some information about a Post Office style card. Its called a US ATM card. It allows you to transfer funds from your bank account in the UK to your ATM account via the internet. The exchange rates are supposed to be better and it’s completely free. The only thing that charges you is to withdraw money from an ATM. It something like $1.30. Not too bad I suppose. You also have the option to get your wages paid into this card. Here’s the link for it in case you want more information. I think I might give this thing a go, as well as some cash to keep the ATM charges down! I think it sounds quite handy :)

I  started reading ‘Mouscatraz’ today too! It’s very good. And funny which is a bonus. Dad found a part when he was flicking through it which made everyone giggle:
‘A student working at the entrance to the Country Bear Jamboree had to give a guest a quick lesson on the differences between an attraction and a show.

“What kind of ride is this?” asked the guest
“It’s not a ride, it’s a show,” Explained the student
“Are there lots of drops?”
“No, it’s a show.”
“So, is there any spinning?”
“No, again, this is a show, there is no movement!”
“This isn’t where the kid died is it?”
“No, that was Mission: SPACE, and the child didn’t die on the ride.”
“So, this is a ride?”
“Yes, this is a ride and you may die on it!”

Hahahalolol :)

Anyway, i’m going to read more! But I already recomend it to anyone interested in, participating in, or have been in the International College Programme!

Thanks for reading!



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