10 Things.

I have finished the wonderful book that is ‘Mousecatraz’. If you haven’t read it then I suggest you really do. Its one of those where you can’t decide whether it’s supposed to be bashing the College Programme or saying it’s the most amazing thing. Either way it’s quite informative in the living, earning and learning parts. You have the option to take degrees whilst your there. Either a Mousters or Ducktorate. I personally would love to state on my CV that I have either. Probably raise a number of questions! And apparently, if your placed in the Vista Way apartments, then you will probably be involved in a multitude of sexual performances. Have fun!

Anyway, buy it. So the main reason for this post are the ’10 things I would like to do/achieve whilst in Orlando’ (which I will state in one moment). I was thinking about this the other day, and I started reeling out lots of things. I’ve picked my 10 highest. And I must say they are in no particular order!

1. Drink from a ‘red plastic cup’.
We have all seen these in the movies, and instantly envy the instant coolness of college parties, all because of these legendary things. You Americans will probably look at this and think ‘What’s so special?’. We British don’t have ‘red plastic cups’. I remember walking down an isle in Wal Mart, one fine holiday. I saw the cups and nearly fainted. So yes. If this list had an order, this would be quite high.

2. Eat a ‘Kitchen Sink’

Not literally. It’s an ice cream special from ‘Beaches and cream’ at Disneys Yacht and Beach Club Resort. It contains eight scoops of  chocolate, strawberry, coffee and mint ice cream; Sprinkled with fudge, strawberries, caramel, pineapple, Oreos, almonds, Snickers and more. Then, topped off with ‘a whole can of whipped cream’. This beast sounds like heart attack in a, well, kitchen sink. And it says ‘serves 4’ but judging by the look of the thing, you’ll need around 8 people to finish it off.

3. Visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
I will probably get slaughtered for visiting a Universal theme park, but what the heck. I’ve seen this thing being built and have not been able to wait to see the finished product. It looks totally brilliant! I love the fact that you’ll be seeing things then remembering where in the books they were, and what happened etc. It’s like your in their world (Which I think may be the point).

4. Visit Hollywood studios on the release date of Toy Story 3.
I don’t even know if anything will be happening, but my guess is the hype will be amazing! I mean, I haven’t been to Hollywood studios in years, like not since it was MGM, so it will be good anyway. But the parades and Toy Story Midway Mania and whatnot will be ace. Here’s to hoping I’m not working.

5. Go to Steak ‘n’ Shake.
This is only on here because it was mentioned in ‘Mousecatraz’ about a zillion times. And in the ten plus visits to the US, I have never had the pleasure of consuming the burger and shake combination.

6. Attend a pool party.
You don’t understand how deprived us Brits are. The swimming baths rented out for your birthday is hardly a match. And our summer still isn’t particularly warm enough to have a ‘paddling pool’ party, never mind having a full on stretch in your back garden.

7. Get a tan.
Yes. My pasty self and I don’t particularly like reflecting you, dear sun. So please find it in your heart to give the pruning sun worshippers a break and share some of your wonderful rays with me. I say this but I guarantee that I end up not putting sun cream on one day and cremating myself.

8. Find a perfect radio station.
Lets face it, some of the stations aren’t particularly satisfying. I normally listen to ‘Mix 105.1’ purely because I cannot be arsed to search for another one. So all you American folk can help me out!

9. Learn to cook a continental dish.
One of many good reasons to have a foreign house mate. I remember in my first CP interview, one of the questions was to describe what you would cook for foreign house mates. I said ‘Fish and Chips’. I have no idea how to cook fish and chips, so if I happen to be paired up in your room then please don’t count on this.

10. Visit Miami.
I don’t know how possible this will be. As I wont have a car, and I have no idea how long it would take, thus comes to the days off problem. But, it would be amazing. Even though I have heard many mixed reviews about it.

So there’s my list. There are many more I just didn’t want to bore you.  It would be absolutely brilliant if I had the chance to do all these things whilst I’m in the centre of the pan handle. And to be honest I really can’t wait to meet the people that can possibly make these the best moments, plus more. (End of cheese)

Anyway, I have 40 days left to finish Uni for the summer, move out of my flat and decide what I’m actually taking. Ha. Fun times.

See ya real soon!



3 responses to “10 Things.

  1. totally agree about buying the mousecatraz book most of my top tens came from there too … especially the red plastic cups!

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