31 Days, 23 hours, 5 minutes and god only knows how many seconds until it becomes a reality.


Long time no speak. I do apologise! Before I start waffling on, I did, in fact, sit there working out how many hours and minutes it is until the May 25thers and I fly across the pond. Yes I am indeed, evidently sad. But it got me very excited!
So this week I’ve sorted my money card for whilst I’m in the states. It isn’t the same one which I mentioned ‘Mousecatraz‘ (even though it was suggested by Yummy Jobs, and still seems a very good option); Caxton FX Card was suggested by very helpful people in the Walt Disney World Resort ICP 2010 forum on Facebook. Its pretty much exactly the same as the Tax Back card, just a better exchange rate and no withdrawal and transfer fees, which, lets face it, is a definite bonus! Click ‘here‘ for the link to the Caxton homepage.

Also this week, I have received  my very posh visa/passport back though the post. Of course, you expect it to look nice seeing as we all spent over $150 to get the damn thing. The 1st thing I thought when I opened it was ‘I am almost an American citizen!’ Ha! I wish.

After reading ‘Mouscatraz’ (the book, not my blog page! Although you are all perfectly welcome to read my blog page!’ I started to think about the graduation at the end of the programme. As a girl it was the thought of ‘What the frig do I wear?’ So I have indeed been shopping around for a lovely dress. Of course I designed something myself, in my head, and cannot find anything remotely similar ANYWHERE. Damn me. And obviously I cannot wait to wear the Mickey Mouse graduation cap. That will be amazing.

Hannah from Yummy Jobs sent out an e-mail a couple of days ago suggesting she pass on a bunch of peoples e-mail addresses, who are also on the same arrival date, so we could meet and greet each other before hand. I think this is a wonderful idea! If anyone beginning their summer on May 25th is reading this…E-mail me!

So that’s all I really have to update you with. Nothing exciting is happening as of yet about the WDWICP. But I will inform you as and when interesting things come up :)

Thanks for reading!!!



One response to “31 Days, 23 hours, 5 minutes and god only knows how many seconds until it becomes a reality.

  1. Just to let you all know, I tried making that Facebook forum a link, but it was having none of it. If your interested of have any questions to ask CP alumni then thats the place to go :)

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