Just Around The River Bend…

I have now finished my first year studying Fine Art at the University of Central Lancashire. And so, I am now allowed to be completely and utterly focused on Disney. (Just downloaded Disney’s greatest hits. YES! ) And I was thinking about where I might get put…as in where I might be working. If I had a choice…I would pick a theme park; Any park. I read a few of the case studies on the Yummy Jobs site and also past blogs from the programme, and realised that I could actually be placed in one of the hotels. I have no idea what the hotels are like as I have never stayed in one. Although, I wouldn’t complain about working in the Beach Hut Resort…which serves those ‘Kitchen Sinks’. I suppose wherever I’m placed will be fantastic. I mean, I have never worked for Disney before, let alone Walt Disney World! *RANDOM BURST OF EXCITEMENT!*

So, I have 22 days to go. Yesterday whilst I was in work I went to the Delta ticket desk to ask about Atlanta airport (where I will make my transfer to Orlando) and to see where the hell I go. 5 terminals, mahussive airport, me on my lonesome and no clue on where to go isn’t really the best concoction you can think of. Apparently I will land in concourse E and will depart from A,B,C or D. Great. I am definitely going to get lost. Anyone who has been to Orlando on this route before…PLEEEEEEEEEASE let me know how easy/difficult it is!

I started my shopping to…I’m beginning to get a nice collection of shorts, vests and toiletries ^^, I did plan on not getting anything new, so I could leave all my old stuff in Orlando and bring lots of new things back. But that idea has gone completely out the window. I just hope that its not snowing like it was in January. I need warmth!!! Speaking of heat I could really do with going on the sunbeds to prep myself for the blistering weather. I do not fancy being fried during my first few days thank you very kindly!

The thought of packing makes me feel ill. Only because I have to also pack my uni stuff at the same time, to move out of my flat. These next few weeks look as though my stress levels will be pushed to their limits! Like I mentioned in my last post, the WDWICP facebook forum is very very helpful and some nice people designed a special packing list to make this slightly less stressful. And also, without this I probably would have forgotten half the stuff I need such as …

A mattress protector
A combination lock
Rain gear (In Florida, the heavens literally open)

Etc. You get the picture. Very helpful.

So all that is left to do now is pay some fee that we should hear about soon, and organise my transport from the airport. Fun times. Anyway, that is all as for Disney related stuffs. I’ll write again soon!!!

Thanks for reading!!!



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