One Swing Ahead Of The Sword…

So I got a few emails from Disney themselves last night, which was a very exciting time seen as we very rarely get those special emails. They sent us really fun stuff like…reminding us about the Disney look and things to bring with us, then the transport from the airport followed by a few cheesey videos. You know, the kind of stuff that gets you proper hyped up! Then the last email just ruined it. The programme assessment fee. Forcing us to pay another $100 plus $4.50 for processing. I died a little inside. This experience is financially draining! And I’m not even there yet! Daaaaaaaaayum. To be very honest though…some people only get to do this once so I’m completely going to put my all into it =D
One of the emails had a $5 voucher for Mears shuttles from the airport, which is very nice of them. My very lovely house mates have said they will wait for me at the airport (their flight gets in before mine) so we can get the shuttle together…so if anyone gets in for 6:30pm  then you could possibly shuttle share with us! Lets just hope none of the flights are delayed!

I need to start thinking about getting some dollars to be fair. I mean, I have my card pretty much sorted as I can top that up whenever, but the cash dollar rate keeps going down. Like today the best I found was $1.51 on Pretty crap really considdering this time a couple of years ago it was $2 to the £1 :(

Anyway, off to do some Iplayer catching up!

Thanks for reading…


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