Last day of the first year!

Today the one week countdown begins!!! Excitement overload! But first about my weekend. It has been a very emotional one indeed. Sunday was my last day in work for 3 months, so I imagined it would be quite fun, slightly laid back (as far back as I could go without there being no point in having me there) and very Disneyfied. However, one hour into my shift, our best friend the ash cloud arrived. If you didn’t already know, I work at Manchester airport, so this puff of crap can make things quite eventful. The air-space ban was due to come into play at 1pm, so all the trans Atlantic flights were trying to hurry up out of the airport before being grounded, meaning some went before their actual departure times…This caused passengers to either run to the gates in stampedes or completely zone out and forget who their flying with. Which also meant absolutely no one came in the shop. After 1pm the airport closed, film crews arrived and all terminals resorted to ghost town. Seriously it was eerie. On went the Disney songs on full blast, and we got on with some work ( cleaning, stocking) whilst having a song and dance. Come 5pm Mr. Boss rang and said we could go home as the airport wouldn’t be reopening within the hours we were supposed to be there. Waaahoo. For a goodbye/celebratory drink we ventured to the Airport pub to watch all the planes take off…Lol. So that was my last day in work.

Today was moving out day. In the past few weeks I have been taking things back home so I wouldn’t have as much to carry; I kind of forgot that buying more stuff after you’ve taken things home makes nothing easier. So there was a lot of stuff to cram into the car…but Dad and me managed just fine. It was the sorting out, when I got home that was a pain. I’m still doing it now! I started packing too today. Even though I bought lots of new stuff, I still have quite alot of room. I’m very impressed with myself!! =D

Moved out and finished work, started the packing and working on the tan, I just need to photocopy all my documents, transfer some cash into my Caxton FX card and say goodbye to all my family and friends. I dread the morning at the airport, just about to part with my parents…If there’s a river that forms from Manchester airport Terminal 2, I apologise now. I suppose I wont be the only one.

Actually, before I forget, I had an idea for bedding!! If any of you have an old sleeping bag, unfold it and cover it with a quilt cover. This will save you spending a fortune on a quilt when your out there or using a thick one, and also you have to pack less clothes to fit it in your case! So if you leave your sleeping bag in the US after your end date, you have more room in your case to bring back goodies!! Tadaaahhh!!

Anyway, back to unpacking my stuff to pack it back again!

Thanks for reading,


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