Oh my, what a pain in the derrière. It probably wouldn’t have been as bad if I hadn’t just, literally, just moved out of my flat. Packing to unpack, to pack again and then unpack again. PAIN. It’s taken me 3 days so far, but to be fair things have been getting washed so every other piece of clothing/toiletry/linen has had to wait for the suitcase door to be closed.

I may have slightly over packed (I will list my things in a couple of seconds). I kind of had to unpack all my stuff a few times to find the smallest possible way each thing could be folded to be able to fit everything in. However, it isn’t my clothes fault, it’s the stupid sleeping bag. A few people have told me not to bother as the temperature will be enough; but don’t forget the air con. I have been to Orlando, a grand total of 12 times, before and they really whack the air con right up. Also, it is quite costly to purchase bedding in the states. I don’t know why, but it is. My theory is, if I can fit clothes and shoes and what not on top of my bedding, I know I will have space to come back with as I will be leaving all that there :)

So the main things that I’ve packed and some that I may have forgotten are:
Bed Linens (Quilt cover, mattress protector, bottom sheet)
20 Tops (Including 2 which I will be travelling in and 2 business shirts)
3 Skirts (Including 1 pencil skirt for Traditions)
6 Pants (Including 1 pair of leggings and 1 business style trousers)
2 Dresses (1 summery and 1 formal)
2 Bikinis
2 Pj’s
7 Pairs of shoes (Including 1 business pair, 1 pair for walking round the theme parks and 1 formal pair)
Tights and  socks (Just in case…Tights are unbelievably hard to get hold of in the states, and they are expensive)
Straighteners (Not all GHD’s will work in the states)
Card reader (For transferring those all important photos to your laptop)
Chargers (Ipod, DS, Phone, laptop etc)
Bag (Medium sized for carrying round the parks. Small enough not to get in the way, big enough to fit a bottle of water in)

That’s pretty much what’s in my suit case. Don’t forget you can take a small cabin case with you as hand luggage as well as you regular bag. Use it to put a set of business clothes in just in case your main luggage (god forbid) goes missing. Business clothes are the hardest to get hold of in the states. Also, don’t forget the liquids restrictions; Nothing permitted over 100ml or 100g. And if your taking make up on board with you place it in a clear plastic bag. God I sound like an airport commercial. Oooh I also squeezed my pillows in that little case too ;) Quite a handy bag I would say.

So here it is. 3 months of my life packed away in 3 bags. Just my laptop to join them.

Hope this helps some of you. And if I have forgotten something, anything, let me know!!!
Thanks for reading!!



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