A whole new world…

So this is my very last post before venturing west to Orlando, FL, tomorrow. Oh my word. I don’t exactly know what my emotion is at this very moment in time. I mean, I’m obviously excited and also nervous and sad and happy; but none of these emotions have set in yet. It still doesn’t see real that I will be one of Walter Elias Disney’s employees. I’ve read books about or by Disney my whole life and every single one mentions something about dreams, and that they can come true. Now I know Disney does not lie. This is a dream come true. I keep having flash backs of times when I was two, or seven or ten or whatever and I’m stood in front of Cinderellas castle, and now I’m thinking “Wow, in a couple of days I could find out that that is my staff room” It’s such a scary thought.

But anyway, on Saturday, my parents held a leaving house party for me. It was absolutly brilliant. We had a USA theme, with USA cakes, and hot dogs and pizza and anything you could imagine. It was also the last proper drink I will have for 3 months. So thank you everyone that came. You made my last few days. Also thank you to Mum and Dad for putting the show on, you wonderful people. It was actually an emotional time too, saying goodbye to my closest family and friends. Although I havn’t cried yet, it was still sad. I think the excitement and nerves are dominating every thing at the minute.
I also said goodbye to Mr. Kieran Sweeney today. That was sad. Its his birthday tomorrow and I’m so gutted I can’t be with him as he enters his twenties. I’m sorry :( He’s flying to South Carolina next Tuesday, to work at Disney’s Hilton Head Island resort, so a massive good luck to you!

I just finished my packing too…I added a few bits to my list including sun cream and an England flag, considering  I’ll be supporting my country from another.  I can also stick things on it like photos and notes etc. instead of on the walls. My case weights 18Kg now. It feels so much heavier. I just hope I don’t get place on a top floor, like at uni. 1st day my Mum and I lugged boxes and cases up 4 flights of stairs at least 6 times. My arms didn’t work for weeks.

So, the next time I post will be in the USA. I’ll try to update you in Atlanta, if I’m calm enough. If not it will be at WALT DISNEY WORLD WHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!.

Thanks for reading, see ya real soon!!



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