Touch down!

I am now safely in Orlando! The trip was good, aside from the fact we didn’t have seat back tvs! :( But they had The Blind Side showing on the over heads which made me happy again! Leaving my family at the airport was horrible! I did promise myself the night before that I wouldn’t cry…So what did I do? Create a flood. Right in front of security, goddamnit. But I swiftly cleaned myself up and vacated the Escape lounge…Oh yes! Free everything thank you very much. I was in there for about 2 hours chillaxing, before going to my gate. All the way through the flight though I was crapping it about customs and Atlanta airport, but seriously I queued for literally 15 minutes before I got everything checked. And my visa went through smoothly. The guy was getting giddy for me, bless. And also, Atlanta isn’t as scary as I imagined. It’s so unbelievably simple. I got to my gate 2 hours before my flight, but they wouldn’t let me transfer onto an earlier one :( So I had my very first Chick – fil – A burger. YUM! is the word.

So I land, collect my bags, meet Helen and Nathan at Mears to get our shuttle to Vista Way and then we are indeed, on our way. This is where the main excitement kicks in. We had a game of “First one to spot a Disney landmark, wins”, I don’t actually know who won though.

At Vista Way there were a bunch of Cast Members standing outside waiting to greet us. After we dumped our bags with them we went into the check in pavilion to collect our keys and schedules.  I am in Chatham Square, right next to the Orlando Premium outlets…Hell yeah. Helen and Nathan got placed in Vista Way, which is quite far away :( However, I have the nicest room mates! I’m living with four Mexican girls and three other English girls. One of them even goes to UCLan! ‘It’s a small world after all’.

After a house meeting, and checking over the schedules we landed our heads on the pillow at around 11pm, which would be 4am UK time. And guess what, I wake up at 6am. Not as bad as previous times I guess.

Orientation day one was interesting. Lots of form filling and stuff and a massive Walmart trip, which we nearly didn’t make it on the bus due to all the bags. Imagine four girls carrying eight bags each standing up on a full bus. Yeah thats us. I managed to get a phone aswell, cheap and cheerful Nokia. $30 with $15 free credit. Waaahoo. Its slightly confusing to get the sim card working but hey, it works now. So if anyone wants my US number, email me :)

There was a pool party last night but I didnt end up going due to major jet lag. I was In bed for 9.30!!

Today, 27/05/2010, I found out where I will be working…MAGIC KINGDOM!!!!!!! Outdoor food cart! Waaahoo. Bring on the tan. I’m so happy. I was worried I would be in a kitchen or something, but YAY! My training starts on saturday at the Disney University. Tomorrow Traditions starts which is an insight to the whole of the Disney franchise which should be good. So anyway, for the rest of the day today we have a meeting about our benefits which should be finished for 3.30pm then we are off for a meal at Downtown Disney and to watch SATC2 =D
Also, we have a TV!!! The mexican girls managed to get us one for free! No one is complaining.

Thanks for reading!!!!!



3 responses to “Touch down!

  1. Sarah! i just found this, so i’m going to read it all over summer!
    I am so excited for you! Sounds amazing. Tell Helen and Nathan hello from me :)

    lots of love xxxxx

  2. Yes Sarah!!
    Glad your having a good time so far and I’m sorry that I couldn’t make it on Saturday. Make sure you keep updating us all :)
    Have a good one!!


  3. Hi Sarah! Great to read your “blog”, and to know that you got there safe and sound without any major problems (apart from the flood of course, but that was to be expected! Just think yourself lucky Adam wasn’t on security or else you would have come in for some real stick :)) I’m getting quite good with these new trendy words now. I have learned another one today from your blog – chillaxing. Charlotte obviously knew what it meant when I asked her, but me, living in the dark ages, had never heard of it before! Anyway, I know now, and can impress everyone with my up to date knowledge of the English language, so thank you for making me look “cool” ha ha.
    Charlotte is feeling very sorry for herself at the mo, following her tonsil op on Monday :( She had to stay in hospital overnight as she didn’t take too kindly to the anaesthetic. She’s fine now, apart from the fact that she can’t drink, eat, talk or swallow – not too many problems then!!!! I must admit it’s been very quiet around here the past couple of days – pleasant change (sorry Charlotte!) I’m sure she’ll make up for lost time when she gets her voice back :)
    Anyway, lovey, you take care – we’re all thinking about you. Hope you get some days off to chillax (impressed or what?!)
    Love and big hugs from us all,
    Auntie Carolyn xx

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