Helloo!! Just a quick one about last nights antics before I get on to the main shenanigans of today. Rain Forest Cafe. You. Are. Beautiful! Seriously, its gorgeous. I had never been before so my house mates decided to make it a need.  We couldn’t get a seat inside as there were nine of us, but sitting out side was perfectly fine as it had cooled down slightly. And also there were about twenty fans and spray things pointing at us. However, we didn’t really get the full rain forest experience, so I suppose we will just have to go back =D Food wise, we shared these incredible ‘Lava Nachos’ for starters. They were almost filling. For mains I got parmesan chicken. That was just yum, but it was way too big. They give you two massive slabs of chicken with fusilli pasta in tomato and basil sauce and two pieces of garlic bread. I ate one piece of chicken, some of my pasta and half a garlic bread. Should have ordered a shrimp salad. But anyway after that came Sex and the City 2. AMAZING! It felt good being able too  see it a day before it was released at England too!

So Traditions was today. Good start as I got a lye in, and didn’t start my class until two. Four of us from the house were all at the same bus times so dressed in our business wear we walked reluctantly to the bus stop. Business wear and Florida sunshine really do not mix. Especially when your in tights. But the actual class was ace! Loads of Disney history and heritage, videos from Walt himself and Mr. Bob Iger. Half way through we had a tour through the Magic Kingdom tunnels, even saw Belle, Cinderella, Snow White and Ariel! I so want to be one of the Disney princesses. Remind me to apply for that next time, apparently I’m no where near too tall =D We also got taken out in to Magic Kingdom. In the presence of all the guests. That was a weird experience. We had ear pieces in so we all felt very important. We gained our Disney IDs to. This gives us the free access to all the Disney parks. Whhuuu. About an hour and a half extra of talks and presentations, Mickey Mouse made a guest appearance. I nearly wet myself. He gave us our very special Disney badges. I had such a ‘certificate smile’ collecting mine. Brilliant. I loved it. It’s actually real now. After all this time. This whole thing lasted around five hours so I got back around 7:30pm. We were going to go to MK but when me and Jade got home, no one was in and we found out it shut at nine, so another night maybe.

Thanks again for reading :) I’m up at 7am tomorrow for more training so I best go to bed. Good night!!



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