Mashta Yoda.

Sorry I havn’t been updating as often as liked. Please forgive me? Thanks! Wednesday felt like a true ICP day, though. In the sense that I did loads of stuff before going to work. It was amazing. In the morning a bunch of us went to Disney’s Boardwalk to watch the 23/06/10 England match at the ESPN club. It was the most exciting game yet and also the food/drinks were amazing! As it was 10am we had a breakfast of gorgeous strawberry milkshake and fries. Yeah…they both go well together! After a victory stroll on the Boardwalk we decided to go for a random trip to Epcot. Just to look around the countries and see how authentic England actually was. Not very. But its nice! Also, my house mate April found her own pearl from an oyster in ‘Japan’. That was so cool, obviously you don’t know if a pearl will be in there or what colour/size it will be…but she got a nice shiny white one that she had set in a pretty ring :)
Yesterday, Jade, Helen and myself ventured to Hollywood Studios. There, we saw Beauty and the Beast…And we all nearly cried! Also Tower of Terror, in which we all still cacked it. And the Rockin’ Roller Coaster…That was the first time I have ever been on the ride. Oh my gosh it was AMAZING! I loved it. Its sort of like Rita in the dark. Whuuu! I did a little bit of shopping and bought my favourite purchase yet…Its a Mr. Potato Head…Yoda! His name is…Mashta Yoda! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah!  I love him.
Works been good too. Last week, two of us from outdoor foods had a trauma with a frog. On the popcorn cart. Im not even joking, it flew! I spotted it, just sat there…I thought it was fake as it was like a gold colour. So I poked it with a broom and it flew 3 meters onto the ice cream cart! It was horrific. We had guests watching and everything…one guy decided it would be a good idea to stop screaming and just move it…So we let him do it and rewarded him with free ice cream. That was very exciting.
On Thursday, we had a welcome thing, 1 month late. Oh well, there were games and things and free stuff including movie tickets which I won! Whuuu!


Thanks for reading :)


Drip, drip, drop little April showers…

Oh my gosh. I have to tell you about the crazy electrical storm we had on thursday; I was working a shift from 9.45 til 7.30. Around 2.30pm, we were called a ‘101’ which means for all outdoor vendors to get to our rain locations. As I was at a nut wagon that day there was no need for me, and the popcorn wagon next door, to move as those wagons have shelter…fit for light rain. The thunder started and we heard the coordinator call for all nut wagons to get to a rain location. Naturally, we were crapping it. It has to be bad for them to tell us to move. So there we were, stood like drowned rats inside the tea cups, so we could still see our cart, when the thunder drifted right above us. Seriously it sounded like bombs were being dropped. To add to the sound effects, about 1 million crying children were running around thinking they were going to die. Bless. But on an on the thunder goes, and in comes the wind blowing branches around. Up goes the umbrellas sheltering my nut wagon and down jolts the lightening. Literally 3 meters away from where I was standing. No joke. Deadly serious. I actually feared for my life for a bit. It was an impressive sight though. Its not everyday you see a huge fork of light connecting the sky to the earth. And it didn’t stop raining for the rest of the day.

That night, after I dried, April, Helen and myself ventured into west side AMC to watch Toy Story 3. ITS AMAZING! Go see it. End of.  There is like everything in the movie…We even cried a flood at the end. So take your tissues!!

Just a cheerful HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!! Dad, I hope you have a good one, and a good birthday weekend :)

Thanks for reading, guys!!!

Just a quick one…

I don’t know what it is about the Cast Member buses, but everyone seems to fall asleep on them. No matter what time of day it is, you will always find yourself next to someone lolling their head about, drooling down their chin. Sometimes, twenty heads falling into the isle of the bus and miraculously jolting right back up as they pull into their housing complex. Its quite amazingly funny.

Anyway, yesterday was truthfully 105f. Way, way, way too hot. Especially to be working outside for twelve hours, in full costume, with no fan and next to a popcorn kettle. That was not fun at all.
I have had two days off in the past two weeks and I am so tired, exhausted. If I had a fan at the cart I probably would feel alot better. Ugh! Don’t get me wrong, I like my job but the hours are way too long for the heat! UGH!
No kidding, yesterday I had around twenty people trying to imitate my accent and even had a few photos just because these people had seen Euro Trip, which I haven’t seen but apparently Manchester is in that movie. So that was quite fun.

Anyway, thanks for reading and see y’all soon!!

The Kingdom of Magic.

I apologise for the week long hiatus. As you have probably guessed I have been extreamly busy, to the point where some days I didn’t even go on the laptop. Shocker! But I will give you the low down right now, from the beginning. Well from where I left off.

My last day of training was fantastic, even though we did get extended two frickin’ hours. The reason being…Free ice cream. The whole point of the ‘exercise’ was to be able to get a knowledge of all the products available to guests. So we got to trial all nine of the icies, until we were literally sick to the brim. Chocolate, chocolate, sugar and sugar. Like I said about playing in the parks…Who else pays you to eat free ice cream?!
Monday and Tuesday were my first days alone on the wagons. It was quite scary. But I relaxed towards the end. I love the fact that you can give free ice cream, pop corn and nuts away to guests randomly. A little girl around seven approached the nut wagon dressed as Snow White, and I greeted her as ‘your Highness’ and said ‘Happy Birthday Snow White’ (as it was her birthday, funny enough) Instantly a huge grin grew on her face and she courtesied to me. It was the cutest thing. She told me what ice cream she wanted and I gave it to her as ‘A present from Prince Charming’. No kidding, she ran around screaming that she had a proposal from the Prince. I love that kind of thing. I wish you could do that at any job.
Anyway, I had a day off on Wednesday, which was my first day off in a full week, and I had to rise from my pit at 5.30am for my social security appointment. Everyone was like zombies. I was adament that I would come home, fall asleep then do some washing. But no, about ten of us went to Blizzard Beach. It was an amazingly random day. I didn’t go on Summit Plummet, but mark my words. I will do it before I leave!!! I had a day off on Friday too. Jade, Helen and myself ventured to Magic Kingdom for the full day, celebrating the fact that we were not working and still at Disney. Whuuu! I had a proper American corn dog. Not the crappy ones that you get in a pack of sixteen (which I bought anyway) from walmart, but crispy ones. They are quite the business. We all got pixie dusted to, in Castle Couture. That was after we squeezed into children’s princess dresses (the photos will also be on facebook in the next week). One of our last attractions was the Hall of Presidents, purely to see Barrak Obama. The new summer fireworks by the way are absolutely spectacular. Everyone should just buy a ticket to Florida just to see those. They are set to the music of Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl. They are a proper show, the castle is part of it, so anyone going to see them, be in full view of the castle. Anyone who cant see them, go to my facebook page, I recorded them :)

So that brings me to yesterday. England v USA. And my thirteen hour shift. My feet hurt so much its untrue. There should be an on site masseuse available after every shift. To make things even worse, I was outside in heat of 97 f. Arrrgh. But everyone was very sympathetic, and lovely.

Here’s a blurry photo of the new fireworks to keep you going until I can get them all up online :) Thanks for reading!!!



It is safe to say, I actually love my job. I originally didn’t even pick quick service food and beverage in my interview. In fact I think it was the only one I left blank. Well, that and custodial. But honestly, it’s so fun. I’m still in my training days yet but its so chilled and laid back. The cash registers are simple to use and associating food with numbers, I’m starting to get the hang of that. It’s just the whole ‘End of Day’ process that I need to spruce up on. Not because it’s complicated, just that there is so much to do. But I still have 3 more days of training so that should give me time. We also get headsets, purely to make us look important. No, its so we can get help if we need etc. But it does make us look important.
But yesterday in work was particularly fun. During our break, Rachel, Rodrigo, Sophie and myself sat with Matt, our trainer. We were talking about how Americans trying to attempt a British accent fail miserably, as demonstrated by the girl who was in character as Mary Poppins. Somehow it branched off into how we all have the same words with different meanings. One particular word which Rachel and myself found particularly amusing, being the only English people there, was ‘Spunk’. The context the word was used in was “We should put some spunk all over the walls”. I can imagine every British person cracking up or cringing right now. It turns out Americans use this word for ‘stuff’ like posters etc. It was very funny, and Matt is now known to us as ‘Spunk’ boy.
Anyway, last night after work (which by the way we finished early…whuuuu) Rachel, Matt, Ashley (another trainer) and lots of people from ODF (Out Door Foods) went to see a Cast member exclusive preview of the new summer night time parade. Before this, I had no idea how many cast members there actually were. I would have guessed a good 8ooo were there last night, and not everyone was there! But it was actually fantastic. Lots of lights and electricals. Millions of performers and it was even filmed for adversing. So look out for me on Disney World commercials!!

I’m off to work again today, 5 more days and I have a day off…whuu! But then a beastly 13 hour shift. My poor feet. I forgot to mention. After my moan about costumes, I found out that as I am in outdoor foods and will be moving about the park, I get to wear a different costume for whatever land I will be in…Yay, silly Disney bonnet hats!! You have to wear a costume to be an official Disney cast member. I decided this myself. And also, I think I should have gone to see Wishes, the night time firework show, before I started work. Purely for the reason that I will know the whole song off by heart. Great. So anyone arriving soon, and you get placed in Magic Kingdom…Go see the fireworks that same  day. Or you will be ruined as much as you would if you rode ‘It’s a Small World’ 20 times in a row.

Anyway, work time. Thanks for reading guys!!!


Who else pays you to play in the parks?

The last couple of days have been mental. On Sunday I had my first day of park orientation. I was excited, but not for the 0715 start, which meant I had to rise from my pit at around 5am. No thank you, kindly. But surely enough as soon as we got there the excitement was thrown in our faces. It was like a rave, 1st thing in the morning. Brilliant. So we got on a bus to the Magic Kingdom from Disney University; When we got in, everything was completely dead. It was strange. Just seeing Main Street with next to no one there was eerie. Look!!

It was good though. We got a tour of all the hidden secrets, that you would never notice (unless your as much as a geek as me and have read The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World and Walt Disney’s Biography) Like the trash cans that aren’t really trash cans, there bubble machines!! And if you get there for the opening song, you’ll see characters, such as Mary Poppins and Burt, and Jasmine and Aladdin just casually strolling down Main Street. It’s funny, because no one actually knows its them. They don’t stop, just walk as if they are guests in the park. Cute! We moved back stage, to opposite sides of the park and even got paid to be freaked out in the Haunted Mansion and to help Buzz in the Space Blast (Don’t count me correct on the name of that). However, all the fun was stopped when we got our schedules and costumes. I’m a bit gutted about my hours; I have 5 days of 1515 to 2330. At least I’ll see the fireworks :) And my costume. HA! Its not even having the privilege of being published. I’m a bit gutted about that too. Not because its hideously unflattering but because its not very Disney. Like, when you visit you remember the cast wearing long, strangely patterned skirts or dresses, not shorts and a shirt. And its candy coloured too. I’m actually wearing pyjamas for work. Oh dear, but at least its not the worst of costumes.
Sunday night, Jade, April and myself  went to Down town Disney and literally shopped until we got kicked out. The bus ride home was eventful. A Sunday night and the whole of the Commons were off out to Pleasure Island on ONE bus. And they made up some random chant to the white stripes…In Spanish! It was weird, and such a fight to get off the bus.
Yesterday…Ahhh. A good chill day. Half a day by the pool until it started raining (which was around 1300…very strange) and then a trip to Hollywood studios. Oh my word, Tower of Terror. I forgot how scary that ride is. How I did that when I was eight I do not know. Everyone’s legs were like jelly!! It was fantastic! Unfortunately that was the only ride we got on. We queued for Rocking Roller Coaster, but of course there were technical difficulties. So, we met up with some friends and ventured to Epcot for the fireworks. And got completely soaked coming back. Yes, our first thunder/electrical storm and it was scary as.
Today were going to Hooters for tea. Later. As I just got back from Walmart to get my lovely work shoes. I picked up a few bargains too! A $1 tshirt and some $11 pumps, which I have to take back because there’s two right feet, dammit. Also, anyone reading this that will be arriving soon…I recommend you bring an Ethernet cable. A long one if you can. The wireless internet is so unpredictable. I bought a 25ft one today for $20, so I can use my laptop whilst watching TV(which isn’t included in your apartment :( )
Anyway, Off for food. Goodbye!! Email me with questions etc :)