Who else pays you to play in the parks?

The last couple of days have been mental. On Sunday I had my first day of park orientation. I was excited, but not for the 0715 start, which meant I had to rise from my pit at around 5am. No thank you, kindly. But surely enough as soon as we got there the excitement was thrown in our faces. It was like a rave, 1st thing in the morning. Brilliant. So we got on a bus to the Magic Kingdom from Disney University; When we got in, everything was completely dead. It was strange. Just seeing Main Street with next to no one there was eerie. Look!!

It was good though. We got a tour of all the hidden secrets, that you would never notice (unless your as much as a geek as me and have read The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World and Walt Disney’s Biography) Like the trash cans that aren’t really trash cans, there bubble machines!! And if you get there for the opening song, you’ll see characters, such as Mary Poppins and Burt, and Jasmine and Aladdin just casually strolling down Main Street. It’s funny, because no one actually knows its them. They don’t stop, just walk as if they are guests in the park. Cute! We moved back stage, to opposite sides of the park and even got paid to be freaked out in the Haunted Mansion and to help Buzz in the Space Blast (Don’t count me correct on the name of that). However, all the fun was stopped when we got our schedules and costumes. I’m a bit gutted about my hours; I have 5 days of 1515 to 2330. At least I’ll see the fireworks :) And my costume. HA! Its not even having the privilege of being published. I’m a bit gutted about that too. Not because its hideously unflattering but because its not very Disney. Like, when you visit you remember the cast wearing long, strangely patterned skirts or dresses, not shorts and a shirt. And its candy coloured too. I’m actually wearing pyjamas for work. Oh dear, but at least its not the worst of costumes.
Sunday night, Jade, April and myself  went to Down town Disney and literally shopped until we got kicked out. The bus ride home was eventful. A Sunday night and the whole of the Commons were off out to Pleasure Island on ONE bus. And they made up some random chant to the white stripes…In Spanish! It was weird, and such a fight to get off the bus.
Yesterday…Ahhh. A good chill day. Half a day by the pool until it started raining (which was around 1300…very strange) and then a trip to Hollywood studios. Oh my word, Tower of Terror. I forgot how scary that ride is. How I did that when I was eight I do not know. Everyone’s legs were like jelly!! It was fantastic! Unfortunately that was the only ride we got on. We queued for Rocking Roller Coaster, but of course there were technical difficulties. So, we met up with some friends and ventured to Epcot for the fireworks. And got completely soaked coming back. Yes, our first thunder/electrical storm and it was scary as.
Today were going to Hooters for tea. Later. As I just got back from Walmart to get my lovely work shoes. I picked up a few bargains too! A $1 tshirt and some $11 pumps, which I have to take back because there’s two right feet, dammit. Also, anyone reading this that will be arriving soon…I recommend you bring an Ethernet cable. A long one if you can. The wireless internet is so unpredictable. I bought a 25ft one today for $20, so I can use my laptop whilst watching TV(which isn’t included in your apartment :( )
Anyway, Off for food. Goodbye!! Email me with questions etc :)



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