It is safe to say, I actually love my job. I originally didn’t even pick quick service food and beverage in my interview. In fact I think it was the only one I left blank. Well, that and custodial. But honestly, it’s so fun. I’m still in my training days yet but its so chilled and laid back. The cash registers are simple to use and associating food with numbers, I’m starting to get the hang of that. It’s just the whole ‘End of Day’ process that I need to spruce up on. Not because it’s complicated, just that there is so much to do. But I still have 3 more days of training so that should give me time. We also get headsets, purely to make us look important. No, its so we can get help if we need etc. But it does make us look important.
But yesterday in work was particularly fun. During our break, Rachel, Rodrigo, Sophie and myself sat with Matt, our trainer. We were talking about how Americans trying to attempt a British accent fail miserably, as demonstrated by the girl who was in character as Mary Poppins. Somehow it branched off into how we all have the same words with different meanings. One particular word which Rachel and myself found particularly amusing, being the only English people there, was ‘Spunk’. The context the word was used in was “We should put some spunk all over the walls”. I can imagine every British person cracking up or cringing right now. It turns out Americans use this word for ‘stuff’ like posters etc. It was very funny, and Matt is now known to us as ‘Spunk’ boy.
Anyway, last night after work (which by the way we finished early…whuuuu) Rachel, Matt, Ashley (another trainer) and lots of people from ODF (Out Door Foods) went to see a Cast member exclusive preview of the new summer night time parade. Before this, I had no idea how many cast members there actually were. I would have guessed a good 8ooo were there last night, and not everyone was there! But it was actually fantastic. Lots of lights and electricals. Millions of performers and it was even filmed for adversing. So look out for me on Disney World commercials!!

I’m off to work again today, 5 more days and I have a day off…whuu! But then a beastly 13 hour shift. My poor feet. I forgot to mention. After my moan about costumes, I found out that as I am in outdoor foods and will be moving about the park, I get to wear a different costume for whatever land I will be in…Yay, silly Disney bonnet hats!! You have to wear a costume to be an official Disney cast member. I decided this myself. And also, I think I should have gone to see Wishes, the night time firework show, before I started work. Purely for the reason that I will know the whole song off by heart. Great. So anyone arriving soon, and you get placed in Magic Kingdom…Go see the fireworks that same  day. Or you will be ruined as much as you would if you rode ‘It’s a Small World’ 20 times in a row.

Anyway, work time. Thanks for reading guys!!!



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