The Kingdom of Magic.

I apologise for the week long hiatus. As you have probably guessed I have been extreamly busy, to the point where some days I didn’t even go on the laptop. Shocker! But I will give you the low down right now, from the beginning. Well from where I left off.

My last day of training was fantastic, even though we did get extended two frickin’ hours. The reason being…Free ice cream. The whole point of the ‘exercise’ was to be able to get a knowledge of all the products available to guests. So we got to trial all nine of the icies, until we were literally sick to the brim. Chocolate, chocolate, sugar and sugar. Like I said about playing in the parks…Who else pays you to eat free ice cream?!
Monday and Tuesday were my first days alone on the wagons. It was quite scary. But I relaxed towards the end. I love the fact that you can give free ice cream, pop corn and nuts away to guests randomly. A little girl around seven approached the nut wagon dressed as Snow White, and I greeted her as ‘your Highness’ and said ‘Happy Birthday Snow White’ (as it was her birthday, funny enough) Instantly a huge grin grew on her face and she courtesied to me. It was the cutest thing. She told me what ice cream she wanted and I gave it to her as ‘A present from Prince Charming’. No kidding, she ran around screaming that she had a proposal from the Prince. I love that kind of thing. I wish you could do that at any job.
Anyway, I had a day off on Wednesday, which was my first day off in a full week, and I had to rise from my pit at 5.30am for my social security appointment. Everyone was like zombies. I was adament that I would come home, fall asleep then do some washing. But no, about ten of us went to Blizzard Beach. It was an amazingly random day. I didn’t go on Summit Plummet, but mark my words. I will do it before I leave!!! I had a day off on Friday too. Jade, Helen and myself ventured to Magic Kingdom for the full day, celebrating the fact that we were not working and still at Disney. Whuuu! I had a proper American corn dog. Not the crappy ones that you get in a pack of sixteen (which I bought anyway) from walmart, but crispy ones. They are quite the business. We all got pixie dusted to, in Castle Couture. That was after we squeezed into children’s princess dresses (the photos will also be on facebook in the next week). One of our last attractions was the Hall of Presidents, purely to see Barrak Obama. The new summer fireworks by the way are absolutely spectacular. Everyone should just buy a ticket to Florida just to see those. They are set to the music of Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl. They are a proper show, the castle is part of it, so anyone going to see them, be in full view of the castle. Anyone who cant see them, go to my facebook page, I recorded them :)

So that brings me to yesterday. England v USA. And my thirteen hour shift. My feet hurt so much its untrue. There should be an on site masseuse available after every shift. To make things even worse, I was outside in heat of 97 f. Arrrgh. But everyone was very sympathetic, and lovely.

Here’s a blurry photo of the new fireworks to keep you going until I can get them all up online :) Thanks for reading!!!



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