Mashta Yoda.

Sorry I havn’t been updating as often as liked. Please forgive me? Thanks! Wednesday felt like a true ICP day, though. In the sense that I did loads of stuff before going to work. It was amazing. In the morning a bunch of us went to Disney’s Boardwalk to watch the 23/06/10 England match at the ESPN club. It was the most exciting game yet and also the food/drinks were amazing! As it was 10am we had a breakfast of gorgeous strawberry milkshake and fries. Yeah…they both go well together! After a victory stroll on the Boardwalk we decided to go for a random trip to Epcot. Just to look around the countries and see how authentic England actually was. Not very. But its nice! Also, my house mate April found her own pearl from an oyster in ‘Japan’. That was so cool, obviously you don’t know if a pearl will be in there or what colour/size it will be…but she got a nice shiny white one that she had set in a pretty ring :)
Yesterday, Jade, Helen and myself ventured to Hollywood Studios. There, we saw Beauty and the Beast…And we all nearly cried! Also Tower of Terror, in which we all still cacked it. And the Rockin’ Roller Coaster…That was the first time I have ever been on the ride. Oh my gosh it was AMAZING! I loved it. Its sort of like Rita in the dark. Whuuu! I did a little bit of shopping and bought my favourite purchase yet…Its a Mr. Potato Head…Yoda! His name is…Mashta Yoda! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah!  I love him.
Works been good too. Last week, two of us from outdoor foods had a trauma with a frog. On the popcorn cart. Im not even joking, it flew! I spotted it, just sat there…I thought it was fake as it was like a gold colour. So I poked it with a broom and it flew 3 meters onto the ice cream cart! It was horrific. We had guests watching and everything…one guy decided it would be a good idea to stop screaming and just move it…So we let him do it and rewarded him with free ice cream. That was very exciting.
On Thursday, we had a welcome thing, 1 month late. Oh well, there were games and things and free stuff including movie tickets which I won! Whuuu!


Thanks for reading :)


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