ER (But not the gory kind)

There are many perks to working in Food and Beverage. Perks that cancel out the fact that you are most likely to go home smelling like buttery popcorn and vinegar from cleaning (yes they use vinegar to clean).

1.When it rains a little, everything gets covered and you hide under whatever shelter you have. When it rains hard, and theres lightening in the area, it gets called 101. This means all the wagons close and you take cover at the nearest building. When it doesn’t stop, ERs get given out because people don’t want soggy popcorn. An ER is an early release. Last week I got given 3 ERs because of rain. Its a nice surprise when a manager approaches you and says ‘Hey, your going home’ almost 3 or 4 hours early.

2. The typical pay for food and beverage is $7.53 (or something) per hour. However, food and beverage in Magic Kingdom earns an extra 75c per hour and outdoor foods apparently earns an extra $1 and hour! This would explain my weekly pay checks. So if your in ODF, be happy because you’ll be minted!

3. You get a tan. Even if it does include dodgy lines from the wonderful array of costumes you wear.

It was July 4th on Sunday. I was working Fantasyland right near the castle. So as you can imagine it was unbelievably busy. Firstly I don’t know why any sane person would go to Disney on July 4th. It was crazy. I was working ice cream and I litteraly did not stop to take a breath in a little over 5 hours. And only then did I stop because it was break time. It was fun though. Everyone was in a great mood, all clad in red, white and blue gear, and also asking why I was working that day, obviously being English. In a nice way, no one wanted to kill me. The fireworks were spectacular. It’s crazy how Disney come up with displays as such and how and when it is rehearsed. They had fireworks which exploded in star shapes and the star spangled banner. It was amazing! Even if I watched them from my ice cream cart :)

This week my house mates and I have been trying to figure out how we are going to fit all the stuff we want to do into the next 4 weeks. I can tell you now its not going to happen. We all have different days off. One thing I will be absolutely gutted about is if we don’t go to Miami. But I suppose I’ll just have to apply again next year!
We also decided that now is the time to start collecting stuff for people back home. Its scary how fast this thing has actually gone :(

Well, i’m off to do some washing! Thanks for reading!!

Sarah xxx


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