The countdown home has begun…

I logged on to the Delta website today to check my seats and baggage and what not. They were kind enough to tell me that I have 24 days until my next international flight with them. Thanks Delta, thanks alot for making me even more depressed. Its so sad. We have been trying to figure out what we are going to do on the morning of the end of the world (slight exaggeration). Its difficult, we all have flights at different times. Jades at 3.25pm, Aprils at 6.30pm and mine at 4.30pm. Helens staying for an extra week with her family, lucky. So far we have breakfast planned. Then we have to be out of the place by 11am, so god knows what were going to do for 2 hours.
Fitting in everything we want to do is a slight issue too. First with money, then with time. I recommend to everyone doing the programme next year to bring as much money as you can possibly save up, to avoid being stuck for things to do that are free. These next few weeks coming all of our schedules are completely different, so as soon as you get here and get your work loads sorted be sure you and your room mates book the same few days of in the weeks leading up to leaving so your not having to wind your managers up by asking for ER’s or calling in sick.

Also, anything I dont get done in these next few weeks I can do in October. Yeah, I bought a flight last week so I can come with my parents. Thats how much I dont want to leave! :(

I sent off my application for next years college programme this morning. I updated my CV to include Walt Disney World and changed my status to previously Employed by Disney. I just have to wait until September for a response.
If all goes well, I’ll be booking a flexible flight asap. I will definitly be travelling next year. I’m a little gutted that I’m not this time.

On Saturday, we went to Beaches and Cream. YYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! We had it!! We had a Kitchen Sink!! It was amazing! So much fun I tell you! They made an announcement that we were going to attempt to eat the whole thing. We didn’t. When we were full we just ordered a plate of onion rings to wash it down =p

I had a fish and chips from the United Kingdom pavilion that day too. To be honest, it wasn’t that great. You got about 3 chips that tasted like polystyrene, and 2 decent sized slivers of fish…which would have been perfect if the batter wasn’t to salty and chewy. They were swimming in vinegar though so, that kind of makes up for it. I just decided that a proper English fish and chips is needed when I land home…Mum, Dad…Take note!! Haha.
Kieran came to Orlando at the weekend too! He made it! We had a great time…Exctept the finding him part.
‘Im by the big white ball’ and ‘Im now in mousegear’ Which by the way is one of the biggest stores on Disney property. Thanks for the mouse chace! But we had a mooch in Epcot and then went over to Hollywood Studios. He’s coming down again with his Hilton Head Islanders in a couple of weeks…Gets put up in a Disney Hotel for free!

Anyway, I’m going to take my depressed self to work…Thanks for reading!!!



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