Graduation and a little less.

It doesn’t seem 2 weeks ago that I was leaving my family at the airport, ready to begin my adventure of summer 2010. So much has happened yet it literally seems like a blur. Almost dream like. It feels as though I should still be in my 4th or 5th week, finally getting settled into my job and planning days out with my house mates. But yesterday marked the almost end of an amazing time at Disney. Yesterday was our ICP graduation. The whole day was amazing. It was the first of many that all of us as a house had been together for a day. The morning consisted of 4 of us venturing down to the Magic Kingdom to have our faces painted and to stalk princesses. It was the first day I had had proper photographs with characters too. We met the Fairy Godmother, Aurora, Cinderella, Ariel, Eric and Belle. A brilliant morning.
In the afternoon hours we just took our time getting ready for graduation. Dolling ourselves up and taking photographs to highlight the end. Our first group photo as a house was captured, which will be on facebook soon!
The actual graduation celebration wasn’t anything special. You get your hat and certificate and some food, drink, photographs. But its mainly just a time to chill out with friends you may not see in a while, or have a relax etc. The 4 of us (Us being April, Jade, Helen and myself) left around 8pm to have some well deserved food at Downtown Disneys Trex. That was so cool! Definitely go if you get the chance. You can experience a meteor shower whilst eating! Whuu! We also built dinosaurs. In the style of the Build a Bear Workshop. I made Eddie T. Ceratops the Triceratops. Hes green and cute.
Also, if you get a chance see Inception. We legged it to go and see this film and were lucky to make the last showing after a full on sprint and multiple wardrobe malfunctions to get there. Genuinely one of the best films i have seen. Close in par with Avatar (I’m also a poet if you didn’t know it). You have to concentrate though and you may also need a few tissues.

Today we received some absolutely devastating news. Our house mate April has made the decision to self terminate. With 2 weeks left she said that the work side of the programme was getting her down. She didn’t want the last weeks of work to be forced and just ruin what could have been a fantastic ending to a summer. I guess she is right. Working right up until the end of your programme, with literally one day to spend together before you leave isn’t really enough, or helpful. We worked out that we have 2 more days off and none of us are off together barring the last Thursday. The novelty of working has definitely worn off and now its just working because we have to, not because we need the money to do things or for the experience. If I get the opportunity to complete another programme next year, I will most probably book an extra week in Orlando or wherever, just to chill out and relax before going home.

April, I hope you have an amazing time back at home for the next couple of weeks before we come and attack your house :) Get very drunk, drink lots of tea, eat fish and chips and shepherds pie without salad but with peas! We will all miss you!!! Have a safe flight back to the UK on Sunday and don’t forget to Skype us!! I can’t wait for us all to meet up in August/September and reminisce. Thank you for the fun times! We love you!!



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