Its time for your bump out…

Last week was amazing! (April, you left on the wrong week :( ) Tuesday was my very last day by the Chatham Square pool; I didn’t know this at the time but it was. It was nice. We had the additional sounds of trees being chain sawed down and just about escaped death when the mechanism almost made its way into the pool. Thanks tree man.
Wednesday was Cinderella’s Royal Table day. On entrance to the magic kingdom (whilst frequently being called princesses due to the chunky Disney tiaras on our heads) we finally caught the 3pm (14:60pm) parade. Its so cute, the costumes are amazing. And almost all of the princesses are in it! But anyway, Cinderella’s house was spectacular! Before going up the castle stairs to the dining room you get to meet the one and only Princess. I won’t let you in on anything just in case anyone decides to go for them selves. But the experience is worth the $60 per head bill. Even the food. Its a 3 course meal with unlimited refreshments. And you get a photo package with it too! One big one and 3 small ones :) So worth it…Just make sure you book way in advance!
Friday was Harry Potter day again! This time we did both parks. Still to this day I cannot believe how empty Universal Studios was. Of course its going to be slightly quieter but the longest queue was 25 mins if that! Islands however was heaving. So worth it though…Jade cried :’) We were treated to a dinner in the Three Broomsticks and I finally got a wand!!! It is identical to that of Sirius Black, so watch out people! Haha. That night, Helens Dad was kind enough to let us stay at his house for the night. Had a night time dip in the pool, a few wines (Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah) and watched the Half Blood Prince (as we were still on a Potter High).
However, all good things do come to an end. Today was my very last day working at Out Door Foods. The managers are brilliant. They were good to put on a celebration for all the ICP’s and CP’s who are leaving in the next couple of weeks. Free BBQ, ice cream, sodas, chips etc. Everything we sell. It was so sad. Im not going to see some of those amazing people again. I have decided though that I need to go to Mexico to visit alot of them.
Anyway, I need to go finish my packing. I have almost 2 suitcases packed and im off shopping tomorrow. Ha. I will do a final Florida update tomorrow night.

I hope you guys have enjoyed my blogging and updating and hope some of you find it useful when you apply :)
Thanks for reading!!!



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