The Terminal…

So, I didn’t get much time for an update on the Thursday night/Friday morning. Or until now really. I have kind of lost track of days, so forgive me if I make a mistake; I will amend later :)

So Thursday, it was a happy day which involved a trip to Magic Kingdom to get our graduation caps embroidered with our names (they wouldn’t do nicknames…including Helen-copter, Hardon, and Scarer damnit.), and also to take in the last sights of Main Street, USA. I also went to the Contemporary hotel for the first time ever! Well, outside it to get the bus to down town Disney. But it looked nice…and expensive. Part of the reason for the trip to Down Town was to find a book which I had been interested in getting since my first visit to Hollywood studios, earlier on in the programme. So, off to the shops we went, draining our accounts for crappy (but sentimental) stuff and screwing over our discount until the plastic was barely there. But no book. I wasn’t worrying yet, as we had a trip to Hollywood studios scheduled for late in the night.
After a swift journey back to Chatham Square to drop off our bags, Jade, Helen and myself made our way to Santa Fe Cattle Co., a new restaurant recently opened near Vista Way. I can say that it was indeed amazing! Probably the only restaurant where the staff encourage you to throw rubbish on the floor. (Not a whole plate of food, let me just point out. But you get a bucket of nuts to begin with and the shells can be chucked)And the food was great too, which is always an important bonus.
Off to Hollywood studios, to walk off the food baby. First thing was first…Find that bloody book! I pretty much sprinted to the Animation courtyard store in fear that someone would steal the last one. No sign of it. Helen and myself decided to describe it as we had no idea of the name…”Its big, square and blue, with pop out things and secrets in it and it was $50″. The EXACT description. But the cast members had no idea what the hell I was going on about. So, I was in a bad mood then. Until we met James out of luck, who had some passes for his home attraction ‘Toy Story Midway Mania’. Its always nice walking straight past a group of tired people waiting at the back of a 120minute queue. Yeah its mean, but they would feel the same if it was them!
The whole purpose of coming to the Studios was to watch Fantasmic. I hadn’t seen it through the whole time I was there and now was my chance. There must have been about 1000 people in front of us in line but we still got pretty good seats, minus a pole. And for a few entertaining (but scary) fights before even in the theatre. But it was literally Fantasmic. Brilliant! Without giving anything away, you get a little wet. Without intention, I presume.
The last night had to draw to a close, and it did at about 4.30am when we had had enough of packing and our eyes were to heavy to function any longer. It was mostly done anyway, apart from the bits I would use in the morning.

The morning. Jeese. Everyone was running around like crazy; panicking and trying to get out of the house before 11am in fear that front desk would send letter bombs or something. Jade and myself had to be out for then as we had transport booked. But it was one of the most upsetting things ever. Some of the people I have met on this programme are definite friends for life, even if they do live in Mexico. Saying goodbye to those girls was horrible…Even saying goodbye to Helen, who I will probably see in about 3 weeks! Jade and myself had checked ourselves and a total of 5 bags into the coach ready to be taken to MCO.
Check in was fine, I had previously booked an extra bag . Security was fine. Then it came to say good bye to Jade, whose flight was an hour before mine. Its ok though because I will see her soon too :)
Time for my flight. Or not. ‘Due to weather conditions in Atlanta all flights to that destination have been suspended’ Great. I was not in the frame of mind for this kind of thing, so I began balling my eyes out at a woman on tickets. When flights were back up and running I managed to get a seat on the one that was leaving first (probably through sympathy), which would leave me enough time to catch my connecting flight. So we taxied out, and waited for another plane to take off. After 45 mins we still hadn’t taken off. ‘Ladies and gentlemen, I have a little bit of bad news. The weather in Atlanta has grown increasingly worse and is forcing us to go back to the gate and load everyone off’. More crying. Back at the gate I met up with Tanita and Steven…people who were also on the College Programme. And that were in the same boat. Tanita was going back to Dublin, Steven was going back to Manchester. Everyone was trying desperately to get out of Orlando. Steven was on the flight I was originally on before switching to the earlier one. It wasn’t until about an hour later that we began boarding again, for both flights! I stuck to the same flight as Tanita to save messing Delta around, said ‘Hope to see you boarding the plane in Atlanta’ to Steven, and we finally got into the air. The pilot had made an announcement that the Manchester flight still hadn’t left as it had issues leaving Las Vegas. So this shone a little light in my direction.
As soon as we landed in Atlanta I pretty much ran to the Delta information desk to ask about what the hell I was going to do if I had missed my flight. Tanita and another couple was infront of me. ‘I’m sorry but the flight to Dublin has left and that flight is completely full for the next 3 days. Can we book you onto Tuesdays flight?’ I blanked out of the rest of the conversation, trying to think of what to do if I ended up in that situation. Don’t know. My turn. ‘The next available flight that we can definitely book you on is the 8th.’ Tears. ‘But, we can book you onto the standby list for tomorrows flight (07/08/10). However, it is already 9 people over booked.’ Oh great! So what was I supposed to do for the night? ‘There is nothing Delta can do to help you as your delay was weather permitting.’ (That’s mum writing a letter when I get back!) After I had calmed down a little, I went over to the Phones, and managed to get a steady place on the standby list and also and option to call back at 1.30pm the next day to see if anyone had dropped out. Tanita came by and said she had managed to get a place on the next days flight as she was a single passenger. But we both had the night to get through. After food, (which by the way Delta didn’t give us any food vouchers or anything so it was a good job we still had money left over)we found a set of seats in a row to try and kip on. Or snooze.
The time running up to 1.30pm couldn’t have gone any slower, but when it finally arrived a pretty much ran to the phones and was as nice as I could possibly have been to the person on the other end, who then was able to book me on a seat for that days flight. ‘Is an isle seat ok for you?’ YES!! ABSOLUTLY! Iwas very happy after that, as you could imagine. For the next 7 hours Tanita and myself went on a tour of all 6 terminals in Atlanta airport. That killed time before separating to go on different flights.
I was ok then, apart from the fact I could not sleep one bit on the plane. But when I landed, more trauma. A bag was missing.  To be honest though, I could worry about that later. I was just happy to be home at that point and to see my parents again! They made me a ‘Welcome home’ banner and a fry up and everything! And my brother surprised me by now being taller than me! I surprised my mum though, by being browner than her :)

So, now, my bag is safely back with me, my jet lag is almost gone (yesterday I slept for 17 hours!) and my body is wondering what the hell is happening. Green vegetables have entered my stomach! Freshness! Strange, very strange. But I like it! I also need to get used to saying pounds instead of dollars again. And stop telling everyone I speak to ‘Have a good/great/nice/magical day’. This will take a while.

I have also began to read the Harry Potter books again. Only because I can spot where I have been. And the book I was after, is called ‘Disney Treasures’ I just ordered it of Amazon for half the price :)

So I’ll let you stop reading now. I have just realised I made you read through 1600 of my blabbering words and your eyes are probably hurting.  Thank you guys so much for reading through my wild adventures. I hope some of it comes of use to those who are interested in applying. In the next few weeks I’ll probably do an evaluation type thing and a do’s don’ts sort of blog.

Right, I’m going!

Thank you for reading!!!



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