Hi Ho, Hi Ho…

OMG! I cant believe its been this long since I updated! I apologise!.
Its been just over two months since I left Orlando and I miss it so much. I think I mentioned that I applied for the program again whilst I was still over there, and my application is still within the masses of the Yummy Jobs sorting room. I had an email a couple of days ago mentioning they had to check my re-hire status before I could be considered any further; hopefully my bosses liked me!
I’ve been thinking alot about what I want to do next year. Or next summer, should I say. I really, really want to do the program again, but I kind of need it to be beneficial to what I want as a career this time. As much as I loved Outdoor Vending, it doesn’t really have any attractiveness to the industry of costume and set design. So, I’ve decided to try my chances at getting a job within the company for either costuming/character performing/character attending. If I’m out of luck, work experience around theatres in England is probably on the cards. Lets see shall we…Fingers crossed.

Anyway, I do remember saying I would write a Do’s and Don’t s blog. This can be just that :) So I’ll start from the beginning…

The Application Process

Its extreamly exciting when you apply, and you do get overwhelmed by the presentations and the interviews etc. After the first interview, I went home and researched every tiny thing I could have done about the program. I read everything in excruciating detail and got very giddy. Due to this, I bombarded Yummy Jobs with countless emails of application statuses and FAQ’s and silly things. Now, I don’t know weather this was a contributing factor for my application being successful, possibly for showing excessive enthusiasm…

Do … Show enthusiasm in your interview. The first of the lot is a group interview, so find out whos in your group, talk to them and make yourself comfortable around them. From what I can gather, the purpose of this stage is to see who can interact as a group and who cant. Be lively, be interesting.

Don’t … Be overly talkative. If you talk that much that nobody else can get a word in edge ways, its probably not a good sign. As enthusiastic as your being, that’s not how you make friends. Also, be careful of the word ‘I’. You are selling yourself, but Disney is a ‘We’ company.

Don’t … Panic! After your first interview it took about two weeks until I was contacted about the status of my application. I think I panicked after about two days and that’s when my unstoppable emails started. It’s ok to ask when they think the next interviews will be or how long until you find out if you have gotten through. Just try not to sound annoying like me!

Do … Brush up on your Disney knowledge whilst your waiting. Not only is it interesting, it may be beneficial to your next interview. I know people that where unsuccessful because they didn’t seem ‘Disney’ enough. So its good to know :)

Do … On your second interview, your put into pairs. Do be competitive on this one. Not to the point where your ripping each others hair out, but so the interviewer potentially picks you over them. Don’t forget its a once in a lifetime job your after!

As after the first interview, you’ll start getting impatient and fussy over when your going to hear from Yummy Jobs. I developed and unhealthy relationship with my hotmail inbox. F5, F5, F5, checking it every single hour (except weekends) to see whether someone had shone a light on my application! I think it took about three weeks this time. So CHILL OUT!!

Don’t … Give up hope. If your unsuccessful, there is still a chance Yummy Jobs will contact you with an alternative program they are willing to accept you on. This very thing happened to my boyfriend and he had just as an amazing time as I had.

After your success!

Do … Start looking for flights. I made the mistake of leaving it until after Christmas and the prices just kept on creeping up! Also, its a good idea to book a flexible ticket. I was adamant that I didn’t want to travel as I would probably end up going alone, so booked a standard return ticket. MISTAKE! You will meet plenty of people who go travelling afterwards and you’ll fee slightly gutted when all your friends go to New York and you can’t because you didn’t book a flexible ticket. So just incase, really.

Don’t … Try and get everything done ASAP. Yummy Jobs will advise you on when and how to do things so your not stuck, do anything wrong or get it done too eary.

Do … Start putting money away!!! It’s quite depressing if you just rely on your income whilst your out in Orlando, and you don’t earn as much as you expect. Just imagine all your house mates going out to the malls, and coming back with millions of bags and your slaving away doing extra hours of work because you’ve already ran out of money in your second week. This happened to a few people I knew. Its not fun. Don’t forget that this could be the only time you get to do something like this. You want to do as much as you can on your days off, so get the funds to do it!

Don’t … Panic at your Visa interview. First of all, make sure your application is correct and everything is filled out. One of my friends missed a question, got all the way down to London, and got turned away and had to reschedule. Not fun. Don’t be intimidated by alllll the guards pointing guns at you as you walk the loooonnng hallway to the waiting room. I’m just kidding. It’s not bad at all. Just make sure your prepared, don’t forget anything and relax.

The run up to departure

Do … Shop around for your insurance. If you go for the first one, or copy me or your friends, it could be the wrong one for you. So just look at what your paying for before you buy.

Do … Watch the dollar rates. On cards or cash. The exchange rates are very unpredictable these days. They could rise or fall at any given moment. Its also a good idea to get a travel money card. You get given one for your wages, but its just to keep your personal money on there :) Read Mousecatraz…

Don’t … Overpack! This is a big one. When you land you may have to drag your case everywhere, possibly up some stairs, so take as little as possible. I guarantee on your first Walmart trip you will buy one or more items of clothing. Walmart has everything you need for basics. And there’s a shopping mall within five minutes walking distance from Chatham Square, Patterson and The Commons. If I have to recommend one thing it would be the sleeping bag trick. Seriously, it will save you alot of money. Just a plain sheet from Walmart will rob you about $20 and with the ever so strong air conditioning in the US you will freeze! Just take an old sleeping bag with you, open it, put it in an old duvet cover and wallah! You have a thin enough you’ll be cool, thick enough you’ll be warm duvet.

Do … Prepare for the summer of a lifetime. See your friends, have parties, do lots of English things. English things meaning, Pub lunches, drink beer, yorkshire puddings, sausages and bacon. You will miss those dearly when your gone. Its just not the same for food and drink out there.

Out there

Don’t … Leave your head back home. Some people got so home sick they couldn’t concentrate on anything. Of course its natural to miss home, but don’t dwell on it. Its hard being away from parents, boyfriends and friends for that length of time but keep in mind that it could be the only time you get to do this, so you want to make the most of it.

Do … Try EVERYTHING! Take every opportunity. One thing I wish I did was the ‘Give Kids The World’ scheme. Also, book way in advance for days off…or ask to swap with absolutely everyone.

Do … Network. I didn’t take advantage of this. I wish I did. You never know who you might meet!

So, that’s pretty much all I can think of right now. If anyone went to Disney and can think of anything else…Post in the comments =D

I think I’ll be using this blog in the coming months too document this time round too. That is, of course, if I’m successful!

Just before I leave you, I would like to thank Yummy Jobs on here for everything they have done for us in the USA. The interviews, the visas, ‘How toos’ etc. You were brilliant!!! Thank you guys for this opportunity!

See ya soon!!





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