Homeward bound…

I can’t decide whether I love or hate packing. I love it because it means I’m travelling somewhere but I hate it because nothing seems to fit! I am about to leave uni for Christmas and have quite a few things I want to bring home. Including half my wardrobe. Oh dear.
There’s not really much information to be given on the ICP today apart from that Yummyjobs have given us the UK visa and step by step instructions on our accounts. Yay! We are no longer Canadian! Also, I have been having a few random bursts of excitement due to blog reading/listening/watching. If you haven’t seen them already, go take a look at these blogs by Becca Attfield, Ashleigh Jefferson, Bethan John and Gary Bradley. There are plenty out there but have only got round to these few. If you have a blog, let me know! I love reading and listening to what people have been up to regarding the ICP.

Anyway I should really get back to my packing. Mother dearest will be here soon!

Thanks for reading, have a magical day ;)



It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas :)

As I’m writing this I am also cooking. Believe it or not we, seven students, have decided to cook a full Christmas dinner. From scratch. Whoever’s idea this was…DAMN YOU! So, I can’t really write an awful lot just incase something boils over or I accidently set fire to something!

I just had my web conference thing and apart from the shed loads of back ground noise it went pretty well :) Probably a big time saver too, as last year the Yummy Jobs team called each of us individually. Lots of information was given about the flights, arrival and visas. If any of you missed it don’t panic! All that info will be included in our Disney packs after New Year and I think she said that an email will be sent with everything in it too :)

I booked my flight this week! Whhuuuu!!! Some of you might have read on the Facebook group already, but incase you havnt and want to take a look at the offer its on the STA website. A one way ticket, Manchester to Orlando, 31st of May with Virgin Atlantic £331. Before I booked I did call the US Embassy (£1.20 per min! GAG!) just to clarify that a one way ticket was aloud with our visa and it is totally fine as long as you have proof that your coming back to the US. A university letter would do the trick. I only did this as I have no idea where I’ll be flying back from or when. And its miles cheaper to book the home journey through the US version of STA as you don’t get taxed to hell like here. (I’ve just rechecked and the flight I booked has gone up by £10 since :/ and I am on the 11am flight, whereas there are only 13.45pm places left)

Anyway, back to cooking :) If anyone has any questions I am happy to help!!

Have a good night and thanks for reading :)



Exciting times, these are. Especially now I’ve finished for Christmas…I’m sure many of you exhaled (or will be) with relief after that last assignment was handed in. I know that as soon as my presentation finished this morning, this popped into my head…”DISNEYDISNEYDISNEY”. So I’m on it. Trawling through websites trying to find the cheapest and most suitable flight. We’ll. After I let £55 disappear from my bank for the CB check, that was. Damn I’m skint!
STA seem to be the best at the moment. They have many student exclusive deals on, but I don’t know how long that’s going to last. A lot of people may have heard about the taxes going up on the 1st of Jan., so I’m hoping to book mine asap!
I have a feeling my flights wont be cheap. My friend Lauren (who will be at camp next summer) and I have decided to go travelling afterwards. And this is good because last year I didn’t do it :( But we want to go to New York and LA for sure. And I would love to see Miami for a couple of days. So its the question of where will we be flying home from? I think NYC will be cheapest. But I dunno. Any suggestions?? What have the rest of you planned? :)

Anyway, back to the search!!

Thanks for reading :)


Snow, white…

Its been a tough month here in Preston. Every things been happening!
And some of you may know that I made it through to the second interview back in November. Waahooo! So that has been horrible waiting for a reply. I’m sure the Yummy Jobs team hate me by now ‘When will we know?’ Times about 20. But yesterday, 1st December, the emails were sent out. I was in my art studio at the time my friend called. ‘Sarah! The Disney emails have been sent through! Hurry up Natalie’s going crazy!’ So of course I waited no time and pretty much ran on ice to get home. Little did I know that mine had not arrived yet! Another hour past and a bleep from my phone sent my heart pounding. ‘New email from Hannah London’. It read…


Can you hear the screams in your head? I still can. I honestly prepared myself for a knock down as I didn’t think the interview went as well as it could have gone. Character attendant as well?! That was my second choice!

I’ve already started looking at flights, not even leaving it til late on this year!


Thanks for reading guys, and well done or chin up :)