Snow, white…

Its been a tough month here in Preston. Every things been happening!
And some of you may know that I made it through to the second interview back in November. Waahooo! So that has been horrible waiting for a reply. I’m sure the Yummy Jobs team hate me by now ‘When will we know?’ Times about 20. But yesterday, 1st December, the emails were sent out. I was in my art studio at the time my friend called. ‘Sarah! The Disney emails have been sent through! Hurry up Natalie’s going crazy!’ So of course I waited no time and pretty much ran on ice to get home. Little did I know that mine had not arrived yet! Another hour past and a bleep from my phone sent my heart pounding. ‘New email from Hannah London’. It read…


Can you hear the screams in your head? I still can. I honestly prepared myself for a knock down as I didn’t think the interview went as well as it could have gone. Character attendant as well?! That was my second choice!

I’ve already started looking at flights, not even leaving it til late on this year!


Thanks for reading guys, and well done or chin up :)



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