Exciting times, these are. Especially now I’ve finished for Christmas…I’m sure many of you exhaled (or will be) with relief after that last assignment was handed in. I know that as soon as my presentation finished this morning, this popped into my head…”DISNEYDISNEYDISNEY”. So I’m on it. Trawling through websites trying to find the cheapest and most suitable flight. We’ll. After I let £55 disappear from my bank for the CB check, that was. Damn I’m skint!
STA seem to be the best at the moment. They have many student exclusive deals on, but I don’t know how long that’s going to last. A lot of people may have heard about the taxes going up on the 1st of Jan., so I’m hoping to book mine asap!
I have a feeling my flights wont be cheap. My friend Lauren (who will be at camp next summer) and I have decided to go travelling afterwards. And this is good because last year I didn’t do it :( But we want to go to New York and LA for sure. And I would love to see Miami for a couple of days. So its the question of where will we be flying home from? I think NYC will be cheapest. But I dunno. Any suggestions?? What have the rest of you planned? :)

Anyway, back to the search!!

Thanks for reading :)



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