It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas :)

As I’m writing this I am also cooking. Believe it or not we, seven students, have decided to cook a full Christmas dinner. From scratch. Whoever’s idea this was…DAMN YOU! So, I can’t really write an awful lot just incase something boils over or I accidently set fire to something!

I just had my web conference thing and apart from the shed loads of back ground noise it went pretty well :) Probably a big time saver too, as last year the Yummy Jobs team called each of us individually. Lots of information was given about the flights, arrival and visas. If any of you missed it don’t panic! All that info will be included in our Disney packs after New Year and I think she said that an email will be sent with everything in it too :)

I booked my flight this week! Whhuuuu!!! Some of you might have read on the Facebook group already, but incase you havnt and want to take a look at the offer its on the STA website. A one way ticket, Manchester to Orlando, 31st of May with Virgin Atlantic £331. Before I booked I did call the US Embassy (£1.20 per min! GAG!) just to clarify that a one way ticket was aloud with our visa and it is totally fine as long as you have proof that your coming back to the US. A university letter would do the trick. I only did this as I have no idea where I’ll be flying back from or when. And its miles cheaper to book the home journey through the US version of STA as you don’t get taxed to hell like here. (I’ve just rechecked and the flight I booked has gone up by £10 since :/ and I am on the 11am flight, whereas there are only 13.45pm places left)

Anyway, back to cooking :) If anyone has any questions I am happy to help!!

Have a good night and thanks for reading :)



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