The year of the mouse…

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you have had an absolutely wonderful Christmas and new year. Did you get many nice things? Maybe many nice Disney things? My parents made me a fantastic photo book from my program last year; its so emotional! It made me weep a little seeing all the amazing things I got to do back in the summer. It also made me very excited to welcome in the new year as it is in fact, or was, exactly 5 months until some of you guys and myself fly out to Orlando!!

Many of you have booked your flights now, as seen on the ICP Facebook group. And Becca Attfield has been brilliantly updating the program spreadsheet with flights and also a new column for where people are travelling afterwards; so check that out if your needing travel buddies!

Also seen on the group, there has been alot of hoody ordering going on. I ordered mine today; A black one with the UK cast member design on the front, and white writing on the back, which reads

Sarah W
Character Attendant
31st May – Aug 19th

Cool, huh?! I cant wait to get it. We didn’t have hoodies last year so I’m quite excited about this one. Its a good way to spot people at the airport on the way out so your not on your own!

I just want to give a shout out to all the people who I met on the 2010 program who stayed for the full 8 months. They left yesterday and are undoubtedly sad to leave behind friends they have made. I hope you have all had the most wonderful time :)

Anyway, I should be going! I’ll be sure to post pictures of the hoody up when it comes through!

Thanks for reading guys :)



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