This has to be my most ‘Un Disney’ post to date. It still has everything to do with it but I’M SO STRESSED!!

So, first…I HAVE MY VISA =D The appointment, and trip to London overall went very smooth. Aside from the fact I had to get up for the Mega Bus at 2am. Theres a fair few ‘weirdos’ on those buses too. I sat next to a guy who was having a full blown conversation to himself about ham. So if you ever get the Mega bus, get to the station at least 30 mins early so you can pick your seats. Christ.
Finding the Embassy from Victoria Coach station would have been horrendous without the aid of Google maps…theres a lot of crossing over and going underground. It did only take us about 30 mins so it wasn’t too bad but do your research before hand…Unlike me.
Grosvenor Square was exactly the same as I remember…Cute little park with skinny women walking skinny dogs and too many pigeons for my comfort.  A close by Starbucks is a savior too if you end up waiting on someone…My friend Lauren had her appointment the day after me. She looked after my bags too ^^,
I waited 3 hours again…From when I went in. Suppose its not terrible. I was talking to a girl who had been there for 4…and I was called before her! Poor girl. But my Visa was approved…Whuuu!!!

So today I have the stress of trying to book my return flight home. Apparently prices are going up tomorrow (April 1st) so I need to get moving. Tom is meeting me in NY and he booked his flights yesterday…So, I’ve had my eye on that flight but on the US version of STA. Click to buy and then get hit with the statement ‘YOU MUST HAVE A US CREDIT CARD AND POSTAL ADDRESS’ great. The cheapest one on a UK website is £500…well for the airline I want anyway. I HATE YOU KLM! GIVE ME CHEAP/FREE FLIGHTS!!!!!!

Anyway, too the gym I go. In an attempt to shift my winter layer before the heat forces me to wear minimal clothing. God help all of America.


Thanks for reading my rant!



Embassy, round 2

My Embassy appointment is in…13 hours and 1 minute from typing this post. I hope I have everything…I got some more passport photos yesterday (£5!!! What a joke)  just in case  my poorly taken webcam upload isn’t suitable;  Even though it did say it was fine on the website…A just in case I guess.

My bus is at 4am…which means wake up time is at 2.30am D: Ultra sad face there. But my bag is packed, clothes are ready to be worn and my passport and forms are right in front of me. Ahhh fingers crossed I’m only in there a short while…And not the 7 hours they say to expect! (D: another sad face)


Wish me luck anyway!!

Thanks for reading


Finally, something magical!

My Disney pack arrived on Saturday! It’s quite strange that I was actually down south that weekend visiting friends I met on the 2010 ICP. I got a text from my house mate that read “YOUR DISNEY PACK IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!”. I ‘Eeeeked’ for quite a while. Probably deafening every poor soul on the train. But…It is now in my possession!
I booked my appointment yesterday…28th of March at 12.30pm. My friend Lauren is going to camp this year so she has a visa appointment on the 29th. May as well make a trip out of it :) We’ve just been rummaging for a cheap hotel for the night…If anyone knows of a student bank friendly place to stay…let me know! Its definitely on the cheap this trip. We’re Mega busing it down from Manchester. Came to a grand total of £18 return! Happy days :)
I’ve just finished the DS-160 application form. I forgot how much of a buggar it is…’Your session has timed out’. Every. Five. Minutes! And the photo at the end is a nightmare! I managed to take a half decent mug shot for the online form but I’ll probably take a passport photo with me. That happened last year…I had to run back out to get money for the booths inside because my ‘ears weren’t showing’.

I hope I have everything…

SEVIS Fee receipt
MRV Fee receipt
Interview confirmation
DS-160 confirmation
Ridiculous amount of money to get my passport back off them…

Yep. I think I’m set.


It’s the Manchester meet up on Saturday too! I’m excited to meet everyone. Break the ice (or melt the ice might be more appropriate) before we get there :)


I’ll inform you of my weekend sometime next week! As soon as I’ve recovered from the bus journeys…wish me luck!


Thanks for reading, guys