Finally, something magical!

My Disney pack arrived on Saturday! It’s quite strange that I was actually down south that weekend visiting friends I met on the 2010 ICP. I got a text from my house mate that read “YOUR DISNEY PACK IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!”. I ‘Eeeeked’ for quite a while. Probably deafening every poor soul on the train. But…It is now in my possession!
I booked my appointment yesterday…28th of March at 12.30pm. My friend Lauren is going to camp this year so she has a visa appointment on the 29th. May as well make a trip out of it :) We’ve just been rummaging for a cheap hotel for the night…If anyone knows of a student bank friendly place to stay…let me know! Its definitely on the cheap this trip. We’re Mega busing it down from Manchester. Came to a grand total of £18 return! Happy days :)
I’ve just finished the DS-160 application form. I forgot how much of a buggar it is…’Your session has timed out’. Every. Five. Minutes! And the photo at the end is a nightmare! I managed to take a half decent mug shot for the online form but I’ll probably take a passport photo with me. That happened last year…I had to run back out to get money for the booths inside because my ‘ears weren’t showing’.

I hope I have everything…

SEVIS Fee receipt
MRV Fee receipt
Interview confirmation
DS-160 confirmation
Ridiculous amount of money to get my passport back off them…

Yep. I think I’m set.


It’s the Manchester meet up on Saturday too! I’m excited to meet everyone. Break the ice (or melt the ice might be more appropriate) before we get there :)


I’ll inform you of my weekend sometime next week! As soon as I’ve recovered from the bus journeys…wish me luck!


Thanks for reading, guys



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