Next stop, The United States of Whatever…

My passport, visa intact, arrived safe and sound on Friday…Only three days after it was approved. Super fast! Mum and I were having a bit of a giggle at how different I look between last years, this years and my actual passport photo. I go from a doll, to a pouter (apparently), to a convict. Ha! I’d take photos but I’m not sure thats legal, or that I’d want my passport to be up on here…Or the photos for that matter.

So I spent most of last week searching for my return flight from New York. We ended up in a bit of a downer after we found out Lauren had specific dates she could fly home on…the first of September or the tenth. Cheers, certain camp placement company in America. Anyway, she chose the first, which was sensible as I have a feeling we may end up running out of moolah after, like, the first day or something in New Orleans. The downside to that is she only gets a few days in New York. I wanted to stay longer as its the place I want to visit most. And one of the places on my list of things to do before I’m 21! Next on the list is Jake Gyllenhaal. Joke. Although…
No, so me and Tom (who is flying over from the UK on the thirtieth) have decided to0 stay until the fourth. So at least then I have five days, which most people have said thats about the right amount of time :)  Tom booked his flight almost straight away which meant I had an airline to actually look for. Unfortunately though one ways with this certain airline are BLOODY EXPENSIVE! So everyones flying solo (flying solo, flying solo, soloooo).

After searching high and higher I returned to a site previously mentioned by my house mate… the site Sound seedy as hell but…
I managed to get two flights. Flight one…San Francisco to New York. Flight two…New York to Manchester.  Total price 708USD/440GBP. FOR BOTH FLIGHTS!!! DIRECT!! WITH a certain American airline.  They even called to confirm that the credit card used was actually mine. They have very good write ups and there are a good few voucher codes you can use floating around the net too…I used retail me not and got a cheeky $25 off :) BARGAIN!

So all thats left is insurance and hotels/hostels/bus pass. I’m pretty sure I’ll be using either Insure and go or Ace Insure which seem to be the favorites. As for hostels, I’m still plowing through the websites but I’ll be sure to update once I find the best deals :)

Thats all for now folks.

Thanks for reading!!



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