10 Things revise.

Evening all!

I’ve just been reading through my past blogs from before I flew out to Orlando last year and came across this list… 10 Things. It’s basically a list of things I wanted to do/accomplish whilst being out in Disney World. I then realised that I’d never reviewed it…To show you Disneyites, and to see for myself what I had actually done. So, I’ll do it now…And then make a new list later this week :)

Here goes…

1. Drink from a ‘red plastic cup’.
I did this a few times. I loved it. I brought some home! I felt like a true American :’)

2. Eat a ‘Kitchen Sink’
Do not do this with less than 4 people. It is the boss level of ice cream eating. It will destroy you.

3. Visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
All of you who have been here you will understand when I say AMAZEBALLS! It’s truly fantastic. Especially to those who have read the books; you’ll walk down the streets and recognize places you only thought were real in the novels, shop at places you never thought would exist outside the pages and eat portions that WILL ALSO DESTROY YOU. But buy a wand and you’ll survive :)

4. Visit Hollywood studios on the release date of Toy Story 3.
Ok so I didn’t go to Hollywood Studios on the day. I think I was working. But I did go to the first ever showing at 00:00. So I’m going to tick this off because it was amazing. The theatre was packed full, everyone was completely silent and in awe of what was happening. If you ever get the chance to see a movie first day of release at midnight…Do it. Speaking of I think HP7II comes out in July…

5. Go to Steak ‘n’ Shake.
I’m also ticking this off…I didn’t do it on the ICP but I did go a couple of months later with my parents. DONE. And tasty…

6. Attend a pool party.
Yet to do…I missed all 4 :(

7. Get a tan.
Yeah I did. I actually looked like a baked potato. And it stayed put for 3(ish) months afterwards! TO THE POOL!

8. Find a perfect radio station.
I don’t think I’ll ever find one I can stick too…I switch the channels too often.

9. Learn to cook a continental dish.
Still need to learn to cook. Full stop.

10. Visit Miami.

Its evident that I have a few things I need to do from last year. So I’m getting on this list…

Thanks for reading, and ciao for now :)



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