“I do not like to repeat successes, I like to go on to other things” – Walt Disney

Since the last post, I have been thinking…I really should start doing something about packing soon. Have I though? No. Well, technically I have started; I’ve put a sleeping bag and a pair of flip flops in my HUGE backpack (travelling this time…I assume it will be slightly easier…But I’ll let you know about that at a later date). As excited as I am to go to Orlando I have zero motivation to be folding and placing neatly. But anyway, it’ll be done soon.

So my list of things I want to do/achieve this program round. I’ve had a think and I don’t think I can think of 10. Bearing in mind I am only including things I want to do in Florida, not when I go travelling. That’s a whole different story =D
Anyway, here it is…

1. Go to Miami.
Same applies as last year. I NEED TO GO AND SEE DASH AND MIAMI INK! That is all.

2. Go to a pool party.
I’m quite gutted I didn’t go to any last year. I want to meet Stitch in board shorts please :)

3. Learn to cook a dish from another country.
Chances of this are slight. But anyone who knows a good chow down and is very patient, I’m here!!

4. Conquer the Summit Plummet.
I have a fear of water slides. I don’t know why, I just do. Roller coasters I can ride all day, but this ride in particular, I have never ever done in all the times I have been to Disney World. I chickened out last year even though I didn’t even put it on my list. But I will do this, I am a machine! *Cowers*

5. Network.
I wish I did this last year but didn’t get the chance. In a perfect situation I would get to shadow the costume designers or an Imagineer for a day :)

6. Not eat Subway everyday for 3 months.

7. Pending…

8. Peniding…

9. Pending…

10. Pending…

That is all that I can think of so far but if I think of anything else, I’ll be sure to update :)

Also, my Mum mentioned something about passport photos for the embassy the other day, in case you haven’t been yet; If you can get a decent shot yourself its 60p for 6 at Asda. Just a heads up :)

Anyhoo, Thanks for reading!!



4 responses to ““I do not like to repeat successes, I like to go on to other things” – Walt Disney

  1. 7. buy a big bag of disney shit for my friends who i’m leaving behind

    8. make sure i dont like anyone anywhere near as much as i did my house mates last year

    9. somehow bring back a frozen lemonade for jade

    10. save up my wages for the first weeks and pay for jade to come and stay.


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