“1 day, 17 hrs, 35 mins until your next flight with us…”

I’m not sure whether I’m excited, nervous, sad, happy or what. Maybe a mix of everything. I do know that I feel different from last year. For example, I was on the ball with everything, my bags were packed at least two weeks before…This time, well, I still need to tick that task off the list. I feel way too laid back considering.  There are certain people I don’t want to leave at all, too. I had my uni friends over last night for a get together along with other family and friends. It was sad, especially this morning when my friends left. Four of them will be in the US over the summer as well which is pretty cool. Three are at camp and then one is at the Hilton Head Island Resort in South Carolina. Were planning on meeting in Orlando for birthdays etc before we go off travelling. This will be nice. Islands of Adventure are in for a treat when we get together! I mentioned before that I am taking a rucksack instead of a suitcase, its heavy, but I can carry a lot! Hopefully looking ridiculous will actually pay off and save me a struggle whilst trekking around America.
Speaking of travelling, we booked the hostels/hotels for San Francisco and NYC!! I actually cant wait for those days to arrive. Especially NYC. I’ve been wanting to go there since I can remember. Lauren and myself were planning on going to New Orleans, but they are having a lot of trouble with the Mississippi river so those plans are on hold. So from the 19th – 25thish we are plan-less. Could work out for the better :)

After writing this I have injected a little excitement into my thoughts. I just caught a glimpse of my friend Laura’s pictures; she  also has returned for her second year and they look amazeballs! And I actually cannot wait to eat an 18″ Papa Johns pizza and drink a litre bottle of Coke. BOOM.

Anyway, back to packing I guess!

Thanks for reading!




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