Hello from Orlando!

Well, I am here, settled and untanned. Honestly I was expecting to have at least a red shoulder by now, but it rained forever yesterday! However the weather today looks promising…

Anyway, I didn’t update Monday as it was pretty emotional and wasn’t really in the mood to do anything. It took me until midnight to pack and until 3 to actually get to sleep. Stress. Ful. There were fewer tears at the airport, probably because I know what happens and I know that my parents know what happens etc. And the flight was good! The tvs have been updated since I last flew with Virgin…Touch screen, wider, over 60 movies. AWESOME! And they gave out my favourite pudding. Now, I’m not a fan of chocolate desert, but if you ever get the chance try Gu. Its just…ahhh. Amaze.

Anyway, after getting my bag at the airport and dumping it on a trolly (there was no chance I was carrying that for a long period of time) security told me to take it off and wear it. I thought they were joking at first, but no, and they all got a few giggles when I looked like a turtle trying to stand. That backpack may have been the worst idea I’ve ever had. Pending.
Now I’ve got my key to Vista Way 803. My room mates are lovely. 2 Chinese, 2 French and I’m sharing a room with Bria, from Liverpool England :)

I’m gonna skip the paper work business and tell you where I’m working. It says…Entertainment. So I’m only assuming that this will be everywhere. Which is good! I’m in the same training group as the performers, so that should be interesting…

Traditions is tomorrow. I’m with a girl from 802 as well as 2 girls from my apartment. We’ve also decided to see the fireworks at MK tomorrow night after we get our main entrance passes. Waahoooo!

Oh and before I go, if anyone got an AT&T go phone last year, you may need to buy a new one this year. They expire, which I didn’t know :(

Right, pool time!!!

Heres a picture of rain (and the view from my apartment)

Thanks for reading!!

Catch yall later



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