“You’ve always been a princess to me, Minnie” – Mickey Mouse

Why hello there,

Just a swift update about the past couple of days…

First off, Traditions. Now, I don’t know why or how this was different to last years class, but it was. It seemed a lot more…Hands on I guess. And less fun. Maybe because I had done it before or maybe because it actually was more form signing/e-classes/theoretical. We did however go into the utilidors of Magic Kingdom. That was fun trying to remember which way to go and that. And I caught a glips of some of the ODF crew! Way, way in the distance…
The end of the class was awesome as always though. I got a critter…

And my name tag!!

So despite the nostalgia the day ended happy! We’ll sort of. Bria and myself were supposed to join up with the girls in Magic Kingdom for the fireworks, but the class ended late, Gemmas phone died, so we went home ate until food babies formed and then went to sleep, dreading waking up at 6am for the next days training.

That day (Saturday) was amazing though. Even though it was an early start, being in the Entertainment group certainly wakes you up. Kirk and Mike, our co-ordinators for the day were brilliant. They even made the health and safety module remotely interesting. They took us on a full tour of the entertainment are where we got to see the costume department and the cosmetology room. AMAZEBALLS! Not many people have seen Belle’s wardrobe and her make up station, but it was so cool. I did learn that if you become ‘close friends’ with a princess/prince/fairy etc you have to do your own make up and put your own wig on! And there’s me thinking they had someone do it for them. Also, I found out the Snow White cant go out in the sun just in case she gets a tan. Ha.

Speaking of tan, we got to watch the Dream Along with Mickey show, for educational training purposes ;) There I got lots of pictures and a red patch on my arm. Just my arm because we were dresses head to toe in business attire, so you can imagine how roasting we were. Feel sorry for us, or jealous. Either or :p

I got my schedule yesterday also; I have been placed in Hollywood Studios!! Off Sunday (today = pool day), in 8.30 – 4.30 everyday til Friday which is 8 -12. Easy as peas :)

Anyway I’m off to socialise!

Thanks for reading!



A Disney photographer was kind enough to snap this for us… 


2 responses to ““You’ve always been a princess to me, Minnie” – Mickey Mouse

  1. How come Minnie has no pupils? Is that normally the case… she looks kinda demonic…

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