Faith, trust and a little bit of Pixie dust…

Finally the sun actually has his hat on! And has for a while now. I’m slowly but surely building up a tan that resembles Nutella. Score. Actually my arms from just above my elbow down, and legs, knees down (minus my ankles and feet) are a little darker than the rest of my body; thank you very kindly WDW costuming. Oh and I forgot to mention the little triangle of skin exposed from the collar.

So I have started work. Well I’ve been working for almost 2 weeks now…I had my training with the character class before being released into the wild…

I can safely say, even though I loved QSF+B to bits, basically being a Disney World characters body guard is the most amazing job. Even though its not all glamour. I mean I know Yummy Jobs told you its alot of hours, but no way did they prepare you for a 65 hour week. It did go quick though in all fairness…

My first day was with Phineas and Ferb. Hec. Tic. And absolutely roasting. Probably not the best of places to put a fresh from the factory character attendant but hey, I also had no idea that the brothers were as big as they are in the US, so the line was huge! However, the 8 hour shift went like that.. *clicks* and the same with the rest of my working days. I have established a favourite shift. The hat. (said like ‘the head’ from Art Attack). 11 hours but moving around all day with diferent characters so super fast =D Brilliant.  Love it. Although you have to deal with lots of angry guests when you close your line so fear getting screamed at all day. Ahh the life…

Its sad to see that people don’t like their jobs. I know of a few people going home/thinking of going home/ packing to go home after 3 weeks of it. Boooo… Ask Tink for some more Pixie dust =D

Anyway, I’m actually doing something with my day off today. Can you believe I’ve been here 3 weeks and have only been to one park.ONE.!! What the hell!! So yeah…I’m off out! To the pool, see friends, a meal =D Good day.

I promise to update sooner rather than later next time :)

Have a magical day and thanks for reading,



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