Happy 4th :)

Today is July 4th. The day where everyone floods into the parks, which end up being at capacity, which mean no one can move. It never fails to amaze me why people think this is a good idea. Most people come to see the fireworks, but, the best views of them are outside of the park…Boardwalk, on the beach you can see the Epcot celebrations; Polynesian resort, you can see the Magic Kingdom fireworks. And its so much more relaxed :)

I was supposed to be working a 9 til 6 shift today with Mike and Sully, which is a good one as I get the night off. But I managed to develop a cold and swollen glands over night, so I called in. Probably a bad idea as that means I’m only working 20 hours this week. Booo.

Also, I’ve been having issues about travelling afterwards. My friend who I was supposed to be travelling with is no longer going so I spent the past week and half figuring out what the hell I was supposed to do, about flights as well. As I booked my San Fran to NY and NY to Man together, if I was to cancel one, I’d have to cancel them both. Brilliant. And they would have charged me another $250 on top of the cancellation. However, thank god my parents are in San Diego for 5 days and thank god 2 of my friends are staying in Orlando for an extra couple of days…Actually theres quite a few people that are going travelling afterwards. Just a heads up to those who were wondering :) So, yes, my plans now are…Orlando, San Diego, San Francisco and New York. =D I can’t wait.

AND I can finally say I’m going to Miami on Wednesday!! I’m so excited!


Anyway, Peace

Thanks for reading!




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