Oh my goodness, it has been a while. Almost one whole month actually. It is going so fast! You know, considering my feelings at the beginning of the program. Now that its just over 2 weeks until my end date, I am actually having alot more fun…

I went to Miami!! Finally! Only took, like, a year. It rained. Like the whole day. But honestly, I saw everything I wanted to see there, and did everything I wanted to do. Except for sleep on the beach and get a tan. I didn’t go in the water either. I mean it was warm enough but I am definitely not a fan of sea water! I also saw Ami James from ‘Miami Ink’, now that was amazing…Even if he did have his head down tattooing someone’s leg.

I must say, its nice being back here in Orlando and being able to see how the Fantasyland expansion is coming along. It makes me very excited to come on ‘vaycay’ when its done! I believe this is the beasts castle, where the be our guest restaurant will be. (Quote, I “Believe”. This may not be true, its just a guess, I have done no research!)

And also, the popcorn cart I worked on alot of the time last year has turned into ‘Maurice’s amazing popping machine’! I love this, as Beauty and the Beast is one of my favourite Disney films. Belle is my girl! Actually speaking of last year, I’ve been trying to pick up an ODF shift. It would be awesome if I got put in Fantasyland, my home :)

I can’t remember if I said anything about all my travel plans going pear shaped? Well they have looked right up! I am staying with a group of 7 of my friends for the extra 4 days in Orlando after the program. We booked a bargain villa house, with our own private pool :) And, my San Diego/Francisco flights are sorted, New York almost dusted! I am so excited for travelling :) I will miss my friend Lauren though, who was supposed to be coming along for the ride :(

So I have 2 weeks left. Well 2 weeks and 4 days. These next weeks are pretty booked up. A week on friday my housemates from back home will be in Orlando which I can’t wait for! Helen, who did the program last year, and is currently on the Hilton Head Island program,  came up for a couple of days about 2/3 weeks ago, and it was totally not long enough to catch up. But she is returning to Orlando! And 2 more friends, Natalie and Nathan did camp this year and will be joining the Disney fun. I get to use my Main Entrance passes for them. Free-ness!! Its also Natalies birthday during their stay so we have to make sure its a fun week ;) Also, it will be my graduation, the day before check out (which alot of people are annoyed about. That’s the last thing we want to do on our last free day!) And not to mention the shopping that is in desperate need to be done! Few!

I’ve been thinking alot about what to do next year. Part of me wants to do this whole experience again; see how it pans out next time as this year and last year have been COMPLETELY different. My boyfriend said he would love to give it a go, so it would be nice if we both ended up here for the summer. And also, try my luck working at some other part of Walt Disney World. But on the other hand, its ridiculously expensive. And it has been more difficult being away from home this time. I miss my family, my boyfriend and my friends. I miss uni too. Surprisingly. And I graduate next year. I’m not sure I’d want to miss my graduation for something I’ve done twice before. I can only graduate once :/

Its a tough one.

I will miss it alot. And the people. I’ve met some incredible people this time too.

Anyway, thanks for reading!
I’ll try and update more whithin the next few weeks =D



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