10 Things revise.

Evening all!

I’ve just been reading through my past blogs from before I flew out to Orlando last year and came across this list… 10 Things. It’s basically a list of things I wanted to do/accomplish whilst being out in Disney World. I then realised that I’d never reviewed it…To show you Disneyites, and to see for myself what I had actually done. So, I’ll do it now…And then make a new list later this week :)

Here goes…

1. Drink from a ‘red plastic cup’.
I did this a few times. I loved it. I brought some home! I felt like a true American :’)

2. Eat a ‘Kitchen Sink’
Do not do this with less than 4 people. It is the boss level of ice cream eating. It will destroy you.

3. Visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
All of you who have been here you will understand when I say AMAZEBALLS! It’s truly fantastic. Especially to those who have read the books; you’ll walk down the streets and recognize places you only thought were real in the novels, shop at places you never thought would exist outside the pages and eat portions that WILL ALSO DESTROY YOU. But buy a wand and you’ll survive :)

4. Visit Hollywood studios on the release date of Toy Story 3.
Ok so I didn’t go to Hollywood Studios on the day. I think I was working. But I did go to the first ever showing at 00:00. So I’m going to tick this off because it was amazing. The theatre was packed full, everyone was completely silent and in awe of what was happening. If you ever get the chance to see a movie first day of release at midnight…Do it. Speaking of I think HP7II comes out in July…

5. Go to Steak ‘n’ Shake.
I’m also ticking this off…I didn’t do it on the ICP but I did go a couple of months later with my parents. DONE. And tasty…

6. Attend a pool party.
Yet to do…I missed all 4 :(

7. Get a tan.
Yeah I did. I actually looked like a baked potato. And it stayed put for 3(ish) months afterwards! TO THE POOL!

8. Find a perfect radio station.
I don’t think I’ll ever find one I can stick too…I switch the channels too often.

9. Learn to cook a continental dish.
Still need to learn to cook. Full stop.

10. Visit Miami.

Its evident that I have a few things I need to do from last year. So I’m getting on this list…

Thanks for reading, and ciao for now :)



Next stop, The United States of Whatever…

My passport, visa intact, arrived safe and sound on Friday…Only three days after it was approved. Super fast! Mum and I were having a bit of a giggle at how different I look between last years, this years and my actual passport photo. I go from a doll, to a pouter (apparently), to a convict. Ha! I’d take photos but I’m not sure thats legal, or that I’d want my passport to be up on here…Or the photos for that matter.

So I spent most of last week searching for my return flight from New York. We ended up in a bit of a downer after we found out Lauren had specific dates she could fly home on…the first of September or the tenth. Cheers, certain camp placement company in America. Anyway, she chose the first, which was sensible as I have a feeling we may end up running out of moolah after, like, the first day or something in New Orleans. The downside to that is she only gets a few days in New York. I wanted to stay longer as its the place I want to visit most. And one of the places on my list of things to do before I’m 21! Next on the list is Jake Gyllenhaal. Joke. Although…
No, so me and Tom (who is flying over from the UK on the thirtieth) have decided to0 stay until the fourth. So at least then I have five days, which most people have said thats about the right amount of time :)  Tom booked his flight almost straight away which meant I had an airline to actually look for. Unfortunately though one ways with this certain airline are BLOODY EXPENSIVE! So everyones flying solo (flying solo, flying solo, soloooo).

After searching high and higher I returned to a site previously mentioned by my house mate… the site Cheapoair.com. Sound seedy as hell but…
I managed to get two flights. Flight one…San Francisco to New York. Flight two…New York to Manchester.  Total price 708USD/440GBP. FOR BOTH FLIGHTS!!! DIRECT!! WITH a certain American airline.  They even called to confirm that the credit card used was actually mine. They have very good write ups and there are a good few voucher codes you can use floating around the net too…I used retail me not and got a cheeky $25 off :) BARGAIN!

So all thats left is insurance and hotels/hostels/bus pass. I’m pretty sure I’ll be using either Insure and go or Ace Insure which seem to be the favorites. As for hostels, I’m still plowing through the websites but I’ll be sure to update once I find the best deals :)

Thats all for now folks.

Thanks for reading!!



This has to be my most ‘Un Disney’ post to date. It still has everything to do with it but I’M SO STRESSED!!

So, first…I HAVE MY VISA =D The appointment, and trip to London overall went very smooth. Aside from the fact I had to get up for the Mega Bus at 2am. Theres a fair few ‘weirdos’ on those buses too. I sat next to a guy who was having a full blown conversation to himself about ham. So if you ever get the Mega bus, get to the station at least 30 mins early so you can pick your seats. Christ.
Finding the Embassy from Victoria Coach station would have been horrendous without the aid of Google maps…theres a lot of crossing over and going underground. It did only take us about 30 mins so it wasn’t too bad but do your research before hand…Unlike me.
Grosvenor Square was exactly the same as I remember…Cute little park with skinny women walking skinny dogs and too many pigeons for my comfort.  A close by Starbucks is a savior too if you end up waiting on someone…My friend Lauren had her appointment the day after me. She looked after my bags too ^^,
I waited 3 hours again…From when I went in. Suppose its not terrible. I was talking to a girl who had been there for 4…and I was called before her! Poor girl. But my Visa was approved…Whuuu!!!

So today I have the stress of trying to book my return flight home. Apparently prices are going up tomorrow (April 1st) so I need to get moving. Tom is meeting me in NY and he booked his flights yesterday…So, I’ve had my eye on that flight but on the US version of STA. Click to buy and then get hit with the statement ‘YOU MUST HAVE A US CREDIT CARD AND POSTAL ADDRESS’ great. The cheapest one on a UK website is £500…well for the airline I want anyway. I HATE YOU KLM! GIVE ME CHEAP/FREE FLIGHTS!!!!!!

Anyway, too the gym I go. In an attempt to shift my winter layer before the heat forces me to wear minimal clothing. God help all of America.


Thanks for reading my rant!


Embassy, round 2

My Embassy appointment is in…13 hours and 1 minute from typing this post. I hope I have everything…I got some more passport photos yesterday (£5!!! What a joke)  just in case  my poorly taken webcam upload isn’t suitable;  Even though it did say it was fine on the website…A just in case I guess.

My bus is at 4am…which means wake up time is at 2.30am D: Ultra sad face there. But my bag is packed, clothes are ready to be worn and my passport and forms are right in front of me. Ahhh fingers crossed I’m only in there a short while…And not the 7 hours they say to expect! (D: another sad face)


Wish me luck anyway!!

Thanks for reading


Finally, something magical!

My Disney pack arrived on Saturday! It’s quite strange that I was actually down south that weekend visiting friends I met on the 2010 ICP. I got a text from my house mate that read “YOUR DISNEY PACK IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!”. I ‘Eeeeked’ for quite a while. Probably deafening every poor soul on the train. But…It is now in my possession!
I booked my appointment yesterday…28th of March at 12.30pm. My friend Lauren is going to camp this year so she has a visa appointment on the 29th. May as well make a trip out of it :) We’ve just been rummaging for a cheap hotel for the night…If anyone knows of a student bank friendly place to stay…let me know! Its definitely on the cheap this trip. We’re Mega busing it down from Manchester. Came to a grand total of £18 return! Happy days :)
I’ve just finished the DS-160 application form. I forgot how much of a buggar it is…’Your session has timed out’. Every. Five. Minutes! And the photo at the end is a nightmare! I managed to take a half decent mug shot for the online form but I’ll probably take a passport photo with me. That happened last year…I had to run back out to get money for the booths inside because my ‘ears weren’t showing’.

I hope I have everything…

SEVIS Fee receipt
MRV Fee receipt
Interview confirmation
DS-160 confirmation
Ridiculous amount of money to get my passport back off them…

Yep. I think I’m set.


It’s the Manchester meet up on Saturday too! I’m excited to meet everyone. Break the ice (or melt the ice might be more appropriate) before we get there :)


I’ll inform you of my weekend sometime next week! As soon as I’ve recovered from the bus journeys…wish me luck!


Thanks for reading, guys


Apologies for the unexpected hiatus!

Wow, its been over a month since I last posted! I have been busy with all sorts of stuff I’ve just not got round to writing :(

Honestly, this is just a post to tell you I am still blogging as not much has happened regarding Disney. Although it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and got a fair few Disney related things which included a Disney Princess lucky bag, Disney and Me magazine, various Marvel comics ( =D) and CAKE! I also got a 100 liter rucksack for the summer. Its absolutely massive, I don’t think I’ll need to ship anything home anymore. I am slightly worried about carrying it though; I can guarantee I’ll end up like an over turned turtle a few times. If you see me, please help me up :)

I’ve also been looking for my return flight from New York back to Manchester around the 9th of September. The best I’ve found was with STA US…$270 with Iceland air, connecting in Reykjavik. I need to get on that soon before the prices start jumping up. Has anyone else booked their return flight yet?

Back to the assignments! Thanks for reading :)


Its’s all about the face…

So, I’m going out into Manchester City Centre tonight and decided that I wanted to go with red lips (my outfit is very bland and colourless so it made sense!). I am absolutely awful at applying make up so I was browsing you tube for relevant tutorials and I came across this – SNOW WHITE: Disney Princess Inspired Make Up Tutorial. Disney + Make Up + Night out = Tadaaahh!
The lips aren’t as red as seen in the movies but I guess you can change the colour to whatever your taste :) The looks she creates are inspired and made into very wearable looks! My favourites are Snow White, Princess Jasmine and Belle!

Take a look, I’m off to test out the snow white one!

Thanks for reading my very short, irrelevant to the CP but very relevant to Princess’ post!